Egypt Sherrod's Backyard Shed Is Adorbs

Founded on relaxation and calm, this restful backyard sanctuary is a spin on the usual "she" shed.

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Photo By: Gold Peak

Egypt Sherrod's "Tea" Shed

HGTV designer Egypt Sherrod created this charming "tea" shed (Gold Peak Real Brewed Tea sponsored the project) founded on relaxation and comfort in her Atlanta backyard.

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Planning Your Shed

The best way to make your shed feel like a sanctuary and escape says Sherrod, is to target what you will use the shed for. "Regardless of what you are creating – whether it be an art studio, workshop, meditation, hobby room or garden retreat – having an idea of how you’ll use your space will help tremendously when creating a place to feel at home and decompress."

Small-Space Dining

"With limited space, smaller-scale furniture will make the space feel larger," says Sherrod of the clever teak bar she created in her shed. Sherrod's other space-saving tips include going with a daybed instead of a sofa and a floating ledge instead of a table.

Raised Profile

Sherrod decided to elevate the entry to her shed and "constructed a grand staircase to create an exciting entryway and show some personality up front. Just because it might be called a 'shed,' doesn't mean it has to look like your typical shed," she says.

A Desert Sanctuary

For her shed, Sherrod went with a "desert sanctuary" theme. "I'm authentically drawn to the colors jade and coral, so I tied those in where possible," says Sherrod. "As an earthy, crunchy Scorpio, I am inspired by elements of nature, so you'll find cactus plants, live edge teak wood, white moonstones, selenite and quartz, a eucalyptus ladder, jute rug, kilim pillows and linen draperies."

Get the Light Right

Sherrod recommends doing everything you can to bring as much light as possible into your shed. "I recommend adding windows or dormers and perhaps leave ceiling beams exposed to create the illusion of a taller ceiling height," says Sherrod.

Outdoor Is In

To maximize durability in your shed, Sherrod recommends the following: "make sure to keep climate in mind when picking out interior decor—especially humidity. While picking out your furniture and pillows make sure to look for items that are made with durable and strong materials," she says. "I recommend incorporating outdoor furniture because it's durable and can withstand any climate. Also be sure to have adequate windows or vents for air flow—this will keep you cool and comfortable."

How to Add the Illusion of More Space

In addition to adding windows and light, Sherrod says shed-owners can take key design steps to make a small space appear larger. "Go light on paint colors and paint the moldings, walls and ceiling all the same color for a seamless effect," she says. "Use curtains or sheers that filter light instead of blocking it out. A tip on making small spaces feel larger is to incorporate smaller-scale furniture."

Mug Holder

Sherrod purchased this mug holder, but says a DIYer could easily create a similar crafty object to maximize storage space.

Flooring Is Key

Sherrod recommends picking weatherproof, water resistant and humidity-friendly flooring and wall coverings for your shed design.

Add Plants

"I chose to hang flower boxes on the windows and decorate the interior with succulents because they're not only easy to care for but also helped me achieve the natural look I was going for," says Sherrod of the importance of incorporating something living and green into your design scheme.

An Eclectic Collection

Sherrod sourced her interior design with indoor/outdoor flexibility in mind. The ceramics are courtesy of her personal collection sourced at estate sales and on her travels.

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