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Design a Mudroom Command Center

Get step-by-step instructions for repurposing a potting bench as a hard-working space with savvy storage.
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Multipurpose Potting Station

A basic wooden potting bench was transformed into a showstopping command center with bold exterior paint, open and concealed storage solutions, an integrated washing station and clever use of pegboard.

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Use Exterior Paint

While console tables and chests can span countless colors, styles and eras, most potting benches are made from pine and sold unfinished. Personalize a standard-issue potting bench quickly and easily with two coats of bold exterior or porch and deck paint. Since exterior paints are made to withstand the elements, they're perfect for high-traffic rooms that often get wet.

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Level Your Flooring

If an outdoor area is uneven, it's smart to consider a cement platform. To create one, you'll need to first build a concrete mold from four 2x4s, cut to size and attached together with wood screws. Next mix concrete in a tub or 5-gallon bucket using a drill and concrete-mixing attachment. Pour the concrete into the form, leveling along the top of the 2x4 with a trowel. Allow at least 24 hours to cure before removing the form with a crowbar.

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Incorporate an Outside Sink

Since potting benches are open on all four sides, they can be easily turned into washing stations with the addition of sinks and faucets. The first thing to consider is the countertop surface. If the existing top is wood, it's important to properly seal it to avoid rotting from water. When changing out an existing top for something custom, use solid surfaces such as natural or engineered stone or stainless steel. These stand up to water more effectively than wood.

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