A Modern, Bungalow-Style Garden Shed

A neglected garden shed in the backyard is tranformed into a relaxing, dining area with colorful and functional design.

Wasted Space

In its initial state, this basic storage shed was simply a waste of space that had begun to rot from years of neglect. Physician Wes Hoke and landscape designer Cameron Watkins saw the potential in renovating their existing storage shed to become a relaxing place to entertain and dine.

A Complete Transformation

To take advantage of their yard's cozy, shaded corner, Wes and Cameron completely renovated their dilapidated shed into a relaxation and dining area. The outdoor oasis is complete with a pergola-covered deck and a blend of modern and bungalow architectural styles.

Dining Alfresco

Dining in the tree-covered corner of the yard is Wes and Cameron’s favorite way to enjoy time with friends. To give the outdoor area more of a room-like feel, a designer friend suggested adding outdoor drapery panels to the four corners of the space. Wes furnished the area with an outdoor aluminum dining set handed down from his parents. He updated the set with cushions and a tablecloth made from indoor-outdoor fabrics.

Bold Patterns

To break up the overall solid green appearance of the shed’s porch area, Wes and Cameron mixed different patterns with alternating scales. The indoor/outdoor area rug added a large-scale backdrop that plays up the contrast of the blue/white print fabrics.

Classic Copper

Copper post toppers were used to break up the overall earthy green shades of the shed’s exterior.

Style and Functionality

For stylish and functional access to the shed area from the backyard, Wes and Cameron had flagstone steps installed prior to the shed’s renovation.

Outdoor Decor

In order to put the outdoor drapery panels up and easily take them down before and after entertaining, Wes and Cameron had swing arm flagpoles installed on the pergola.

Relaxing Ambience

Wes and Cameron often entertain at night. By stringing industrial-grade festival lights from the pergola into the adjacent yard, they added instant ambience without major expense.

Heavy-Duty Support

The cantilevered look of the pergola was made from 2x10 planks of cypress cut with a jigsaw. The contractor used 1-inch thick bolts to attach the horizontal and vertical planks to the support posts.

A Privacy Solution

By spraying simple lattice the same color as the shed's exterior, the lattice provides privacy while visually fading away, allowing the shed’s architecture to remain the star.

Pop of Color

Unable to decide between storage configurations and finishes, Wes and Cameron opted to leave the interior of the shed industrial and raw, then furnish it with colorful accents.

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