10 Refreshing Container Water Features

If you're looking to liven up your garden, consider adding a container water feature. Get inspired by these fountains, ponds and water gardens that truly make a splash.

Old Meets New

A water feature made from an antique stone urn adds a traditional touch to this contemporary outdoor space. Water spills softly over the edges of the urn onto a bed on Mexican beach pebbles, producing soothing white noise for relaxation. Design by Chad Robert.

Koi Pond Conversion

For this Asian-inspired garden, designer Pamela Berstler renovated an old water feature, transforming it into a koi pond complete with custom-built ipe wood benches.

Pond in a Pot

Perfect for small yards and patios, container water gardens are attractive and easy to maintain. As long as you keep adding fresh water, small pots filled with water plants take care of themselves most of the time.

Think Bold

Don't be afraid of color when choosing a water feature. A bubbler in a bright orange hue makes an eye-catching focal point for this backyard. Design by HGTV fan jbmacf1.

Bamboo Beauty

HGTV fan bambootropics created this water feature with a recirculating pump and an underground reservoir. The bamboo spout blends in with the surrounding greenery, while the blue container pops against the backdrop.

Beneficial Plants

Not only do water lilies add serene beauty to this above-ground pond, but they also help moderate water temperature and hinder excessive growth of algae.

Creative Recycling

HGTV fan On_the_east_twin made this charming, one-of-a-kind fountain using a cast-iron scalding pot, cauldron and hand pump. The falling water conceals the tube and wire for the submersible pump that's in the largest pot. Stones and ceramic koi add the perfect finishing touch.

Thrifty Fountain

This is where things get interesting. How you design and decorate your water feature area is a personal choice, of course. To create this look, we have taken a more industrial and sculptural approach.  Place the water plant you have chosen into the bucket (if using horsetail grass, leave the plant in its container). Add plants around the water area. Use mounds of soil of varying heights to create interest. Choose a couple varieties of plant life that contrast in terms of texture, shape and size. Insert rebar randomly to mimic the nature of the grasses. Place them at angles and differing heights to give them a natural, yet industrial, look.

Soothing Sounds

A gently bubbling water fountain is a tranquil addition to this meditation garden. Design by Patricia Wagner.

Easy Yet Elegant

HGTV fan blondegardener made this water feature by placing a concrete pot on a raised platform in the center of a simple round pond.

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