13 Water Features for Small Spaces

These water gardens work well for tiny backyards and even patios.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ben Rollins

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ben Rollins www.thebenrollins.com

Photo By: Image courtesy of Debora Carl Garden Design

Photo By: Image courtesy of Grace Design Associates

Rooting for the Home Team

The Artisan Garden Tour de Yorkshire featured at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show celebrates the rugged country lanes and urban sophistication of Yorkshire and boasts a water feature focal point made from Corian. The water has been dyed black to enhance the sense of depth and drama in the fountain.

Water Feature

The King of Beasts ornaments this metal fountain in a French-inspired garden.


The The WellChild Garden at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show features a meadow surrounding a garden oasis defined by this elegant water feature.

Carved Wall

In the distance in the M&G Garden at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show is a sandstone wall carved by designer Cleve West with a pattern of tree roots symbolizing the Tree of Life. In the foreground, a fountain features an octagonall shape and a bench for seating and a rill that carries water away from the garden.

Inspired Architecture

Unconventional but elegant architectural touches like this fountain ornamented by a small frog who looks poised to leap into the water show signs of a distinctive, interesting gardener's sensibility at work.

Tranquil Pond

This brick pond in Charleston, South Carolina, creates the ideal setting for relaxation and tranquility. 

Wall Mounted Water Feature

This wall mounted lion head fountain brings color and eccentricity to this Italian themed garden. 

Young Turk

Just 27 years old, the RBC Waterscape Garden designer Hugo Bugg is considered one of the rising young international designers to watch. Following the conclusion of the 2014 Chelsea Show, his garden will be donated to improve an urban stretch of London.

Ode to an Urn

Drill a hole in the bottom of a terracotta urn and use it as a decorative water feature. 

Galvanized Barrel Fountain and Pond

Create a miniature water garden by standing marginal plants, such as marsh marigolds on stacked bricks within a galvanized barrel pond.

Koi Corral

A small waterfall in Atlanta garden designer David Ellis's koi pond uses the sound of water to add to the restful ambiance of this memorable garden space.

Vertical Water Wall Fountain

An intriguing and eye-catching contrast to traditional ornamental fountains, this vertical water wall encased in a white border stone bed is the centerpiece of this garden walkway.

Stone-on-Stone Water Fountain

Blending into its natural surroundings, this unique rock fountain is ideally situated amid a rustic landscape of pebbles, stones, gravel and flowering plants.

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