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Beautiful Southern Gardens

Step into the flora and greenery of some of the most beautiful gardens in the south.

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Photo: Chris & Cami Photography, LLC. From: Carolina Landscape.

Gardens Across the South

Southern homes are known for their gracious gardens, which extend the living space and amplify the beauty, color and texture of the house. Here, matte black gates lead into a welcoming Charleston courtyard, where varieties of sedums, thyme and dwarf Mondo soften the bluestone pavers.

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza

Lead the Way

The south’s weather allows for a myriad of different materials and plants. In the low country, crushed oyster shells are a favorite for landscaping beds, and we adore how the potted Meyer lemon trees create a grand entrance to this three-story home.

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Photo: Chris & Cami Photography. From: Carolina Landscape.

All About Order

Symmetry and clean lines play a significant role in creating this formal Charleston garden. Centered around the original cast iron fountain of the home, the carefully planned flower beds expand across the yard in bursts of greenery and color and are anchored by a Japanese Maple and Canary Date Palm. A herringbone brick walkway leads friends and family to the back courtyard.

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Photo: Photo by Laura James

Try Stepping Out of the Box

Gardens are the most versatile of spaces, symmetrical and formal or wild and free, they are lavish with nature’s beauty. An artist’s garden in Fayetteville, Ga., is an eclectic escape full of sculptures, hand-built furniture and birdhouses. Swathes of black-eyed Susans, sweet daisies and colorful carnations spill over the fence and arbor — not to be constrained by arbitrary boundaries.

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