Purple Flowers and Plants

Combine different shades of this color for spectacular landscaping results.
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Dahlia 'Thomas Edison'

This stunning purple dahlia is an oldie, introduced in the 1940s, so you know it’s a winner because it’s still around.

Purple Sage Features Pungent Leaves in Summer

The 'Purpurascens' variety sage is a hardy form, with tactile, deeply textured leaves. In the summer, it is topped by tall spires of pretty mauve flowers.

Purple Cabbage Is Both Ornamental and Delicious

Cabbage plants can vary in size, shape, color and texture. For example, some cabbages are purple in color and certain cultivars have pointed heads.

Purple Heucheras Are Known for Colorful Foliage

Heuchera micrantha is an excellent choice for the edge of a border or in containers and tubs. Plants form a low mound of maple shaped leaves, from bronzy green to rich purple red. Spikes of small creamy white flowers appear in early summer.

'Well-Sweep Purple Miniature' Basil

This purple variety basil has great-tasting, green-edged, tapering leaves. It can add vibrant purple color in the garden or a nice color change on the patio as well.

'Bowles' Mauve' Erysimum Flowers for Weeks

The Erysimum 'Bowles' Mauve' wallflower is a bushy evergreen with narrow, grey-green leaves and erect purple flowers. These nectar rich plants encourage beneficial wildlife, such as ladybugs, lacewings and hoverflies into the garden.

'Queen of Night' Tulips

The 'Queen of Night' has deep purple-black single flowers that contrast well with light blue forget-me-nots.

'Purple Sensation'

The deep purple, spherical flower heads of the allium ‘Purple Sensation’ appear in early summer on sturdy stems. This stately allium looks stunning when planted with silver-leaved shorter plants.

Beautiful Barberry

Barberry is a mid-sized deciduous prickly shrub with deep red purple leaves that turn brighter red in autumn. It bears small, yellow flowers and has red berries in autumn.

'Purple Emperor'

Sedum telephium 'Purple Emperor' features clusters of shell-pink flowers at the ends of its stems from late summer to fall. Its leaves emerge burgundy in spring and turn deep purple in color throughout the season. Brick red stems add winter interest.

Use Common Bugle Groundcover for Moist Conditions

Ajuga reptans, or Bugle, is a mat-forming perennial with spreading dark green obovate leaves, whose erect spikes of dark blue flowers appear in late spring and early summer.

Smoke Bush Grown for Colorful Foliage and Flowers

Cotinus coggygria, a deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub, gets its name from billowy hairs attached to elongated stalks on spent flower clusters which turn smoky pink in summer, covering the tree with fluffy, hazy, smoke-like puffs.

'Mrs Winder'

Hebe 'Mrs Winder' is a small evergreen shrub with narrow, dark green leaves, tinged with red-brown when young, and small, violet-blue flowers.

Lavender 'Lemon Fancy'

The Pelargonium 'Lemon Fancy' offers a citrusy scent from its leaves. It is vulnerable to frost.

Purple Coneflower

Purple coneflower ‘Magus’ has purple-pink to rosy purple flowers that develop like a cone that fall back as they age.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Blooms

These ornamental stunners add visual interest when hung in unexpected spots.

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