Our Favorite Purple Annual Flowers

Add a punch of purple to your garden beds and borders with annual flower picks for every season.

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Purple Geranium

Purple geranium is a hardy plant that boasts a smattering of gorgeous magenta-purple flowers early in the season. Blooming often continues throughout the summer in cooler areas.

Velvety Viola

Also known as a pansiola, Anytime® Viola 'Sugarplum' is a charmer. The trailing plants keep blooming in warm weather, after most violas stop, and add winter color to hardiness zones 5 to 10. Let them spill over the sides of containers, or mass them in the landscape for deep burgundy-purple color with hints of white, gold and lavender. For a long-lasting display, spend a few minutes every day or two dead-heading fading flowers.


Centaurea cyanus, cornflower or "Bachelor Button," is a small annual flowering plant. It is a lovely ornamental plant in its natural habitat of meadows and grasslands, flowering from June until August.

Glorious Morning Glory

Common morning glory is a fast-climbing annual with trumpet-shaped flowers that may be blue-purple, magenta, pink or white. Needs full sun. H 18 ft (5.5 m); S 10 ft (3 m).

Beautiful Tricolor Morning Glory

Give your garden a dose of stunning variety with tricolor morning glory, a purple bloom that boasts a sunburst of dazzling yellow and white at its center.

Pelargonium Funchal

A member of the geranium family, these pretty pink and fuchsia blooms require little water.

Annual Bedding Aster

Asters always provide brilliant color, but for a show year after year, grow perennial species. The New York Michaelmas daisy has the brightest colors, while Aster amellus is compact and floriferous. Both grow well in pots.

Clary Sage

Salvia viridis is an annual that produces tiny flowers enclosed in showy bracts in shades of white, pink or purple marked with darker veins. They are especially dramatic in large groupings.A quick-to-grow plant, annual Clary Sage has heart-shaped leaves and many flower spikes covered with tiny blooms.

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