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Copy the Look: 5 Gorgeous Year-Round Garden Ideas

Find inspiring ideas to create a dreamy, productive garden for every season of the year.

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Photo: Star Roses and Plants

Inspiration for a Sunny Garden

Plants of different heights cover this sunny slope. In the summer, a manicured lawn sets off Peach Drift roses backed by taller Bluestars (Amsonia tabernaemontana). In autumn, the green Bluestar leaves turn brilliant yellow and contrast beautifully with a purplish-red Japanese maple and a smoke tree (Cotinus coggygria). In winter, the garden depends on boxwood Buxus 'Little Missy' and a golden-green cypress (Chamaecyparis) for structure and interest, until fragrant lilacs begin to bloom in spring.

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Photo: Drift Roses

Featured Plants for a Sunny Garden: Drift Roses

In a sunny garden, low-growing Drift roses can be used as groundcovers or to help control erosion on slopes. Disease-resistant and practically carefree, they're winter hardy in Zones 4-11. Plant them in masses or pair them with annuals, bulbs and perennials. The roses bloom heavily from spring until the first hard frost and come in nine colors, including Apricot Drift, Lemon Drift, Pink Drift and Red Drift.

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Photo: Ball Horticultural Co/The Gardens At Ball

Inspiration for a Woodland Garden

A path invites visitors to explore a woodland garden. Add spring color to shady areas with a flowering crabapple; the one shown here is planted in an open, sunny spot. You can also grow shade-loving hostas in greens, blues and creamy yellows, and use impatiens for summertime pops of white, coral, pink and lavender. Tall ostrich ferns and big rodgersias tolerate shade and offer interesting textures. By late summer, Soloman's seal produces blue-black berries, and in the fall, its leaves turn gold. For winter interest, let the plume-like flowers of astilbes, which emerge in summer, dry on the plants.

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Photo: Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

Featured Plant for a Woodland Garden: Flowering Crabapple

You can find crabapples with white, pink or rosy-red flowers. 'Adams' is a disease-resistant, sun-loving variety that's hardy in Zones 4-8. In spring, its green leaves emerge with a reddish tint, and by fall, they turn a lovely orange-red. Watch for glossy, carmine-red fruits to form. They'll attract birds and other wildlife to your garden and often remain on the tree into winter.

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