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22 Creative Strawberry Planter Ideas

Learn about different types of stylish containers you can use for growing strawberries including towers, hanging planters, terra cotta pots and clever upcycled ideas.

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Growing Strawberries in Planters

There are few things more delicious than a freshly picked strawberry. Luckily, this sweet, bite-sized fruit is easy to grow even if you don’t have a large garden. Thanks to their shallow root systems, strawberries can thrive in small spaces. Strawberry jars (pictured) and other containers designed specifically for the plant are popular options, but you can also grow strawberries in window boxes, hanging baskets and DIY planters made from common household items.

Strawberries grow best in full sun with consistent moisture. You can either treat them as annuals and plant new ones each spring, or store the dormant plants in an unheated shed or garage during the winter. Day-neutral and everbearing varieties are the best choice for containers because they produce fewer runners than June-bearing types.

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Utilize a Window Box

Strawberries and rectangular pots go together like peanut butter and jelly. The pot’s shape provides enough real estate to host a happy crop of sweet berries so that you get plenty for picking all season long. Fill pots with a bagged soil mix labeled for container use. This pretty strawberry is known as Berried Treasure White (Fragaria ananassa ‘Summer Breeze Snow’).

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Upcycle Tiki Torch

Turn tiki torches into strawberry containers. These standing planters offer a creative vertical garden and provide a perfect footing for strawberries. Runners can dangle freely, with berries ripening at just the right height for easy picking. Line the tiki torch cavity with weed cloth or burlap before filling it with soil to help prolong the life of the container. At the end of the growing season, shift strawberry plants into an in-ground bed to enjoy berries for years to come.

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Mix Berries With Other Plantings

Strawberries make good companion plants. In this attractive planter, they serve as the spiller to pineapple sage, licorice plant and sedge grass.

companion planting for strawberries

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