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The 25 Most Neighborly Cities in America

Think your city is a haven for happiness and charitable giving? Find out if it made the list of the country's most neighborly places.

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Photo: Spokane Oktoberfest

25. Spokane

Self-storage company Neighbor has released its annual countdown of the 25 American cities that are the most neighborly. To determine neighborliness, they looked at factors like charitable giving, generosity and well-being. But in 2022 several cultural changes including the pandemic changed's findings. Post-Covid factors like higher gas and airline prices mean people have tended to socialize with their neighbors more often. And with so many Americans still reeling from the economic effects of Covid, many are more anxious to help a neighbor in need or to support local businesses. And finally, despite news reports about America's political divisiveness, it turns out that neighbors in these 25 cities are more likely to forget political differences and take their fellow residents as they are.

Read on for Neighbor's ranking of the most neighborly cities in the country. We think you'll be very surprised by their findings.

Shown here: For brews, brats, and all things Bavaria, celebrate the season at Spokane Oktoberfest in Eastern Washington.

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24. Allentown, Pennsylvania

Sure, Allentown is home to local oddities like a Mack Trucks Museum (temporarily closed, but scheduled to reopen in late 2022 or early 2023). But it's also a welcoming and warm city where volunteering rates are high and crime is relatively low.

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Photo: Danita Delimont/Gallo Images/Getty Images

23. Albany, New York

This New York city has one of the highest rates of charitable giving, which suggests to us that its residents care about their fellow man and woman.

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Photo: TheBigE_ESE, flickr

22. Springfield, Massachusetts

If proximity to nature means greater happiness (and we think it does), then there is a reason Springfield, Massachusetts, made this list. It turns out 94% of people who call Springfield home are a 10-minute walk or less from a public park.

Shown here: The Big E Fair in Springfield, Massachusetts, which is actually New England's regional fair.

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