How to Make Your Own Shark-Style Trunk-or-Treat Halloween Decoration

This Halloween, dominate the trunk-or-treat with a menacing great white shark theme. Make the shark, then tempt trick-or-treaters by filling its mouth with all their favorite sweets.

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Trunk or Treat â  Shark Styleâ

Trunk or Treat â Shark Styleâ

Dominate the Trunk or Treat with your very own set of Jaws! Make this foam core shark for your next trunk or treat event and fill its mouth with all your favorite sweets.

Photo by: Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz

Materials Needed

  • (2) white foam core poster boards
  • (2) light blue foam core poster boards
  • (2) blue foam core poster boards
  • (2) dark blue foam core poster boards
  • (2) 6 ft dowel rods
  • plastic plate
  • gray acrylic paint
  • red acrylic paint
  • paint roller/brush
  • painter's tape
  • permanent marker
  • hot glue gun
  • utility knife
  • red bed sheet
  • large cutting mat
  • luau decor
  • candy buckets
  • preferred candy

Create the Shark + Waves

Hand draw a shark's snout on one of the white poster boards (Image 1). Cut along the marker line with the utility knife. Draw the shark's teeth on the second white foam board and cut them out with the utility knife. Tip: You can maximize the use of this poster board by cutting the top and bottom teeth out of the same board (Image 2).  Use a plastic plate to trace around to create the top of your waves for each of the light blue, blue and dark blue poster boards. (Image 3). Cut along the marker line with the utility knife and set aside the top excess pieces. After each set of waves are cut out, tape the matching waves to one another forming a long wave to cover the width of your vehicle's trunk. Then, stack the three separate colors in any pattern to create the waves.

Paint the Shark Pieces

Tip: Keep in mind the properties of foam core boards when choosing your paint. Solvents and lacquers will erode the polystyrene centers. Acrylic paint is really ideal because you do not need to use solvents. Acrylic is also fast-drying and durable. Paint the snout cut-out with gray paint and a roller (Image 1). This may take more than one coat of paint to get your preferred color consistency. Set aside and let dry for the amount of time suggested on the paint you chose. Also, paint the dowel rods gray to help them blend in. You can now bring in both sets of teeth, using the red paint to create a gum line (Image 2). Set aside and let dry. 

Set the Scene + Finish the Shark 

Drape a red sheet over the open trunk to create a backdrop for the shark’s mouth (Image 1). With the hot glue gun, attach the top teeth to the snout and press firmly (Images 2 and 3). Attach the dowel rods to the snout with painter's tape (Image 4). This will support the snout and hold it up out of the trunk. Set the bottom teeth in front of the dowel rods and secure them with painter's tape. 

Add the Details 

Set the faux waves on the ground in front of the trunk and prop it against the back of the vehicle. Add your own creative touch with luau decorations and pool toys. Set the treats inside the trunk for the kids to reach inside the shark’s mouth for additional fun. Trunk-or-treat at your own risk, with the best setup and candy around!

Trunk or Treat â  Shark Styleâ

Trunk or Treat â Shark Styleâ

Dominate the Trunk or Treat with your very own set of Jaws! Make this foam core shark for your next trunk or treat event and fill its mouth with all your favorite sweets.

Photo by: Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz

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