How to Make DIY Wildflower Seed Paper for Spring

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, give the gift that keeps on giving with this easy-to-DIY seed paper.

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This kid-friendly craft will let them give the gift of flowers with a card made from seeds and recycled paper!

Grab your kiddos, because this fun DIY is perfect for the whole family. With a little water and sun, you can turn paper and seeds into seed paper that can be used in cards, Valentines, bookmarks and whatever else you can think of. This seed paper may look like a difficult craft, but once you see how easy it is, it’s sure to become your new spring tradition!

Materials Needed

  • (15) sheets white printer paper
  • (1) sheet red construction paper
  • blender
  • warm water
  • large plastic container
  • splatter screen
  • wildflower seeds
  • cookie cutters
  • marker
  • scissors

Chop Up Paper

A perfect project for kids, the first step is to tear your paper into tiny pieces. Next, simply drop them into a blender, add warm water until covered, and let soak for 15 minutes (Images 1 & 2). After the paper has soaked and softened, blend until it reaches the consistency of oatmeal (Image 3). To get light pink as we did here, we recommend using 15 sheets of white printer paper and one-half sheet of red construction paper.

Add Seeds

To turn this paper oatmeal into seed paper, pour the mixture into a larger container of warm water (Image 1). Then, pour your desired amount of seeds in with the paper mixture and stir to incorporate (Images 2 & 3).

Create Seed Paper

The easiest way to create sheets of seed paper out of the mixture is by scooping out a thin layer with a splatter screen (Image 1). Once scooped, place the screen out in the sun to dry for two hours (Images 2 & 3). Once fully dried, gently peel off the seed paper (Image 4).

Cut Out Seed Paper

Depending on how you plan to use your seed paper, you may want to cut it into smaller pieces. Cookie cutters are a great way to make fun shapes to tape to cards and gifts. To do this, trace the cookie cutters on the seed paper using a marker, then cut out along the lines using scissors (Images 1 & 2).

Final Steps

All that’s left to do is to gift your seed paper to a loved one or plant it yourself. For cards, simply tape the paper onto the card using double-sided tape (Image 1). To plant, all you have to do is dig a small hole and drop in the seed paper (Image 2). Just don’t forget to add plenty of water and sun!

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