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16 Adorably-Unique Ways to Capture Baby's First Year

Snapping creative photos of your little one is easier than you think.

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Photo: yulkapopkova

Baby Bees

Striped onesies, a blanket and a handful of scarves are all you need to recreate this whimsical, adorable photo. Pro tip: This photo is much easier to pull off with little ones who aren't yet rolling or crawling.

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Photo: iStock/Halfpoint

Grow With Me

Every baby has that one stuffed pal that he or she just can't live without. Not only is it necessary to capture cuddly moments like this, but take one each month, you'll have a collection of month-by-month photos that document the love between the two buds.

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Photo: Connie Balluff Photography

Felt Fireman

Put a unique spin on the typical monthly update photos with the help of some basic crafting items. Using a sheet, felt, plastic tubing and a few toys, this photographer turned a baby into a firefighting hero.

Get More Ideas for Baby Backdrops

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Photo: Kymberly Ebright, Photographer and Blogger at

Wild One

This first birthday shoot just couldn't be sweeter. A few banners and a fantastical crown go a long way toward making your little wild one feel oh-so-special. And snagging a few shots of your babe with their first cake will not disappoint.

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