Meet the Lucky Dogs of HGTV

Appearing on HGTV is good news if you're a person (hey, an exciting living space!) and GREAT news if you're a dog (hey, an exciting living space ... and you don't have to shop for it or renovate it!). Here are 20 of the coziest canines we've encountered.

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A Perch on the Porch

On Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch, Jonathan and Drew teamed up to rehab their friends' Rocky Mountain cabin. They also spent serious quality time with their friends' farm dog, as the Scott Brothers have yet to meet a family pet they couldn't snorgle. (More on that later.)

Life's a Beach

For Florida Beach Hunters Rebecca and Darren, the property hunt is all about location, location, location. For their pup, Burley, it's all about a big piece of driftwood to fetch, a big piece of driftwood to fetch, a big piece of driftwood to fetch.

Reveling in the Reveal

A whole lot of muscle goes into creating relaxing oases on Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation. A whole lot of fluffy white dog, in turn, goes into beta-testing them. (This spot happens to be on Pawley's Island, S.C. Fitting, no?)

Meet and Greet

Consummate pros Jonathan and Drew kick off each episode of Property Brothers: Buying & Selling by conferring with the homeowners they'll be assisting, getting a good look at the spaces they'll be reimagining and determining who's a good dog, yes YOU are, you are the good dog.

Lawn Conference

Designer/contractor Chip Wade went to Georgia to help the Wymer family find Elbow Room in the cramped home they inherited from family. A thorough man, Chip also checked in with George the dog. Does your place out back here need any sprucing up, buddy?

Bliss in the Barn

"Going to live with a nice family in the country" is a potentially terrifying phrase, if you're a dog. Is it literal? Is it a euphemism? On We Bought the Farm, it means you've won the jackpot, friend.

Bring on the Barbecues

The Jasso family's dog spent a whole lot of solo time in their outdoor space before Going Yard came to town. Now that the patio is primed for neighborhood get-togethers, people are going to be dropping party food all over the place — and the four-legged cleanup crew is here for it.

Good Day Sunshine

Pop culture would have you believe that cats are the kings and queens of making themselves comfortable on a patch of toasty floor. Allow Barn Hunters to demonstrate just how false that is.

Floor Model

Who has four dewclaws and a decent shot at getting to sit on the sofa, since they're the same color? This guy (blissed out in the family room on Amazing Space).

Queen of the Marina

Long gallops up and down the dock, boat rides on the lake and posing for portraits with her retinue: All in a day's work for one-year-old Opal on her episode of Amazing Water Homes.

Dynamic Duo

When Container Homes went to Pinellas Park, Fla., we met construction pro Miranda Piechowski and her toothy office assistant, Buddy — a rather enthusiastic fan of the boss's decision to work from home.

Fun Down Under

Amy and Dana Schulenberg moved from Washington, D.C. to Melbourne, Australia — and as House Hunters International viewers learned, their beloved dog, Pella's, needs came first in their search. It's safe to say she's pleased with the bayside apartment they chose.

A Room of One's Own

Meet Levi Dowsland, a German shepherd, recent transplant from Colorado to Boston and — thanks to a massive House Hunters Renovation overhaul — king of the (former) closet.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Afternoon

Log Cabin Living, and Jennifer and Justin Zintak's move from Chicago to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, has worked out rather well for Jupiter here.

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

On My First Place, Nashville transplant Bill spent years finding the perfect space for entertaining guests (and his Lab). The property he settled on — with an expansive deck and lawn as far as the eye can see — was worth the wait for everyone.

Dog Paddling

House Hunters International followed John and Laurie Quam to Costa Rica, where their furry friends learned to glide down the river like old pros.

Ham, Bone

Ever the conscientious contractor, Jonathan Scott puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to finishing off Property Brothers projects. This is...a good thing? Let's say this is a good thing.


Maurice the pug shares this newly-renovated home with his person, Luca, in Marietta, Ga. We have assured him that he will not need to share his bed with Drew once the Property Brothers crew leaves.

First Mutt

The aptly-named Duck heads offshore with Chad and Laurie Dobbs on Island Life in Port Aransas, Texas. Sail on, beach dog — sail on.

Slumber Party

House Hunters Family is all about making sure everyone loves their room — and Mackenzie and her four-legged pal pronounce this Dallas home search a success.

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