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Meet the Lucky Dogs of HGTV

Appearing on HGTV is good news if you're a person (hey, an exciting living space!) and GREAT news if you're a dog (hey, an exciting living space ... and you don't have to shop for it or renovate it!). Here are 20 of the coziest canines we've encountered.

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Photo: Brian Buchsdruecker / AP Images

A Perch on the Porch

On Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch, Jonathan and Drew teamed up to rehab their friends' Rocky Mountain cabin. They also spent serious quality time with their friends' farm dog, as the Scott Brothers have yet to meet a family pet they couldn't snorgle. (More on that later.)

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Life's a Beach

For Florida Beach Hunters Rebecca and Darren, the property hunt is all about location, location, location. For their pup, Burley, it's all about a big piece of driftwood to fetch, a big piece of driftwood to fetch, a big piece of driftwood to fetch.

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Photo: Michele Coleman

Reveling in the Reveal

A whole lot of muscle goes into creating relaxing oases on Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation. A whole lot of fluffy white dog, in turn, goes into beta-testing them. (This spot happens to be on Pawley's Island, S.C. Fitting, no?)

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Photo: Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

Meet and Greet

Consummate pros Jonathan and Drew kick off each episode of Property Brothers: Buying & Selling by conferring with the homeowners they'll be assisting, getting a good look at the spaces they'll be reimagining and determining who's a good dog, yes YOU are, you are the good dog.

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