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Host a Holiday Movie Night

By: Manvi Drona-Hidalgo

This year gather your friends and family for a holiday movie night party. DIYers, take note: You'll want to start crafting the budget-friendly decorations for this bash now.

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Festive Holiday Movie Night Party

For movie buffs, nothing beats watching holiday favorites amidst friends and the comforts of home. A festive and glam private screening with cinema-style snacks is sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

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Paper Serving Cones

Bright paper serving cones are simple to make, affordable and eliminate the need for flatware. Fill with popcorn, nuts or candy and place around your buffet.

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Popcorn, Upgraded

One plus of a movie night at home? Better popcorn! Swap the artificial butter for fun new flavors, like peanut butter caramel and bacon-cheddar.

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Mix Up a Signature Drink

For the adults at your gathering, a signature cocktail is a must. This one was inspired by the Dr. Suess classic The Grinch and includes champagne, ginger ale, bitters and mint.

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