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10 Creative Milk and Cookie Ideas for Santa

By: Abigail Barnes

Go beyond chocolate chip cookies, and make one of these special treats for Santa this holiday season.

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Red Velvet Cookies for Two

Serve a holiday treat for Mr. and Mrs. Claus this Christmas by attaching labeled tags made from Washi tape to milk bottles and serving them with classic red velvet in cookie form.

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Hot Coffee and Biscotti

The kids know Santa will be staying up late to deliver gifts around the world. Brew a large cup of coffee, and pair it with almond biscotti for a delicious snack.

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Printable Gingerbread Man Tag

Spruce up any sweet snack for Santa with a gingerbread man cookie tag. To do this, download our free printable tag pattern, and print on cardstock. Cut the circles with scissors or a 3-inch circle punch, hole punch the top and tie with coordinating ribbon or string. Use these as gift tags or cute place cards. Download the free gingerbread man tag here>>

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Chocolate Milk With Gingerbread Cookie Rim

Take chocolate milk to the next level by adding a gingerbread rim to a martini glass. To make, moisten the rim with simple or chocolate syrup. Turn the glass upside down and firmly dip it in a saucer filled with finely crushed gingerbread cookies. 

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