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12 Tailgate Recipes You Can Eat Cold

By: Chrissy Barua and Farima Alavi

Serve these foods straight out of the cooler during your next tailgate — no heating required.

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Photo: Cassidy Garcia

Tasty Tailgate Food for Hot Weather

Skip the chili and warm dips on balmy game days, and bring the temp down with these cold food ideas that everyone will love. Plus, they're easier to serve without having to reheat them. From cold dips, finger foods to scrumptious sweets, get easy tailgate food and snack recipes that are the perfect treats for hot weather.

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Football-Shaped Pound Cakes

These football-shaped cakes will be the talk of the tailgate and are easy to eat. You can easily pipe the white icing laces using a resealable plastic bag for a festive way to show your team spirit. Get the recipe>>

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Chicken and Waffle Bites

Turn your favorite breakfast combo into a delicious bite you and your friends won't be able to stop eating. Use pre-made waffles and slaw to save time on food prep. Get the recipe here>>

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions. From: Brian Patrick Flynn.

No-Bake Gorgonzola Cheese Balls

You can make this cheese ball recipe the night before, so you're ready to eat come tailgate time. Get the recipe here>>

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