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20+ Clever Uses for Everyday Items in the Kitchen

By: Laurel Leicht and Deanne Revel

We're always looking for ways to make space in our kitchen, from storing utensils to keeping pot lids organized. But did you ever think about creatively repurposing objects from around your home to help you out?

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Multi-Purpose and Repurposed Kitchen Items

No matter how fancy new gadgets or high-tech accessories become, there are some tried and true kitchen hacks that don’t require another appliance at all. Just some clever upcycling! Instead of impulse buying, take a look around your home for items that can serve wonders in the kitchen. This boho produce hanger? It’s just an old basket from the thrift store. Read on for our favorite clever uses for common household items in the kitchen.

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Lauren Davison

Magnetic Spices at Hand

From parsley to cinnamon, it's easy for spices to take over your cupboards. To fix this problem, Lauren Davison repurposed baby food jars and turned them into magnetic spice jars that easily attach to the side of the refrigerator. "They're a great way to keep clutter out of your cupboards, save time while cooking and add a touch of personality to the kitchen," she says. "Plus, it's easy to find the spice you need and see when you're getting low." Want to make your own? See Lauren's full tutorial and get step-by-step instructions.

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Photo: Jalynn Baker

Bring the Outside In

Just because your old shutters don’t give your house curb appeal doesn’t mean you have to toss them! A good coat of paint and a couple of wire baskets make the perfect backing for a vertical product bin. The design is clutch if you’re short on counter space, but you could also mount it to your pantry door or back wall for potatoes and other produce that like the dark.

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Photo: Heather Baird

A New Kind of Shelf

Cookbook racks and countertop shelves can get pricey, but here’s a secret: Use a cheap dish rack. Yes, really. This minimal stainless steel rack looks totally intentional once styled with books. And the utensil cup is perfect for keeping page markers handy.

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