Copy the Look: An Extremely Organized Kitchen Pantry

This small pantry is packed with stylish storage solutions to keep everything from snacks to spices within arm’s reach and looking great.

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March 24, 2020

Maximize Your Space

The best way to maximize all the space in your pantry is to vary the height of each shelf. If all shelves are the same height, it's likely you'll end up with wasted space from items that sit low. Consider making lower shelves taller for easily removable items like baskets, and designate the upper shelves for shorter stuff like cans and spices.

Baskets & Stackables

Charming woven baskets keep less-than-lovely packaged foods tucked neatly away, yet right in reach when you need them. Stackables, like these bamboo steamers-turned-baking supply storage, take advantage of vertical space.


Label It

Labeling containers makes it even easier to see what you need in the pantry. However, it's important to keep all of the labels uniform for a clean, consistent look. We love these easy, customizable basket clip labels from The Container Store.

CLIP-ON LABELS: The Container Store, 9.99

Pretty + Visible

While opaque baskets are ideal for all the clutterables you need access to but don't want to see, see-through baskets made of metal or mesh allow everything inside to double as decoration. Here, limes and oranges used on an everyday basis put organic color and texture on display when the door is open.

WIRE BASKETS: The Container Store, 19.99

I Need to See It!

Make life easier for everyone by displaying cereal or snacks in clear plastic containers. This allows you to see exactly what you're craving (and how much of it is left) all while keeping it fresh and air-tight. To track expiration dates, apply stickers to the bottoms.


Mobile Snack Station for Kids

Encourage little ones to choose their own healthy snacks by storing their food at kid height in a rolling vessel that makes it fun and easy to access. This wooden cart has a vintage look and removable side panels to help your kiddos easily pick out their favorite parent-approved snacks.

STORAGE WAGON: Amazon, $79.99


Grab 'n Go

Lazy Susan? More like hard-working Susan. This clear version of the classic is the perfect place to store kids' snacks, so all they have to do is spin, choose, grab and go. No rummaging or frustration required.

PLASTIC LAZY SUSAN: Target, $24.99, 2-Pack


Negative Space

If your pantry allows, leave some negative space between your containers. This creates the illusion of a larger pantry and helps keep all items in sight and in reach.

BUY IT: Crate&Barrel, $7.97


Tiered Can Displays

Piling canned goods on top of one another can lead to a tumbling-down disaster. Keep your canned goods easily separated, highly visible and easy to reach with a three-tiered can display. Rubberized tops also help keep items in place when busy hands come rustling through.

CAN STORAGE SHELVES: Bed Bath & Beyond, $5.59

Expandable Spice Racks

Not everyone has the same amount of space to fill, nor do they have the same needs for spices. Expandable spice display racks can be adjusted to fit your exact kitchen needs. Here, the racks are kept at the shortest length, but as the collection grows, the shelf can too.

BAMBOO SPICE SHELF: The Container Store, $14.99

A Clear View

When designing your pantry, keep this in mind: if it exists, there's a container out there to store it. To ensure your pantry remains up to the challenge of supporting your family over the years, consider buying organizers in multiples to make enough room for everything. One of our tried and true favorites? Translucent containers. With built-in handles, these organizers keep everything from packaged goods to produce clearly contained.

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