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10 Tips to Refresh a Home Office

By: Amy Weir
September 01, 2021

You'll get more done if your home office is organized and functional, and you'll enjoy your time there if you make your space beautiful.

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Photo: Amy Weir

How to Create a Functional and Beautiful Home Office

The home office has become a more critical space in the home recently, and there is no reason not to make it a beautifully-designed space where you want to spend time. A home office should be a space that is both inviting and functional. Having a plan, picking the right lighting and incorporating natural elements are all important tips to remember.

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Photo: Amy Weir

Make a Plan for Your Home Office Design

The first step in updating your office space starts with assessing your needs for the room. Do you like a clean minimalist feel or does being surrounded by a mood board full of color inspire you? Is this just a space for you or does the room need to have dual functions? Now that you have thought through your office needs, it's time to make a plan of action. Grab a piece of paper or your computer and quickly plan out the space you will need for your office desk or a meeting table. Set aside an area of the room for all the functions you will need, additional seating for office mates, meetings or even a space for children.

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Photo: Amy Weir

Declutter and Sort Office Supplies and Decor Into Piles

It's amazing how many unnecessary things you can stockpile without even realizing it. The next tip to creating a newly refreshed office is decluttering your space and sorting your items into three piles: toss, keep and donate.

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Photo: Amy Weir

Plan Your Office Space for the Proper Lighting

No space has the perfect lighting, so it's helpful to decide what your needs are and plan accordingly. If you need natural light to take photographs or videos, make sure you set up an area near a big window to do that. Bringing in desk lamps, floor lamps and even adding chandeliers is key to making sure you are using your workspace effectively, with the right, design-savvy lighting.

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