Interior Designers Share Their Home Office Decorating Tips

See these tips from the pros on how to create a stylish and productive work space that will have your home office feeling like a retreat.

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April 28, 2020

Photo By: Julie Soefer, Designer: Laura Umansky

Photo By: True O'Neill, Interior Designer: Janice Barta

Photo By: Heather Hawkins

Photo By: Michael Hunter, Designer: Laura Umansky

Photo By: Costas Picadas, Design: Pembrooke & Ives

Photo By: True O'Neill, Interior Designer: Janice Barta

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: Costas Picadas, Design: Pembrooke & Ives

Photo By: Butter Lutz Interiors

Photo By: Dustin O'Neal, Design: Pembrooke & Ives

Photo By: Life Created

Photo By: Michael Hunter, Designer: Laura Umansky

Photo By: Vivian Johnson

Photo By: Evan Joseph, Design: Pembrooke & Ives

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Flower Power

For an inexpensive and easy home office pick-me-up, look to mother nature. As interior designer Laura Umansky says, "fresh flowers brighten up any workspace, plus their floral scent is an instant mood boost. I always have a floral bouquet within eyesight when working at home. The color and shape of the blooms always makes me feel creative."

Inspiring Environment

Even if you don't have a designated home office space, you can still create a productive work environment. "Find a place in your home, if you don't have a separate office, that inspires you and is quiet and away from the general day to day activities," interior designer Janice Barta says. "Add personal touches to your work space, like a plant, candle or artwork. This helps stimulate a calm and inspiring environment to look forward to each day."

Chic in a Small Space

Tight on space? No problem! This eclectic, feminine office space combines function and glamour with loads of playful color. Even if you have a limited amount of space, you can still go glam and create an uplifting home office.

Top-Notch Chair

After working from home for an extended period of time, you won't regret splurging a top-notch office chair. Interior designer Laura Umansky explains that "this is more of a self-care purchase than an office supply: invest in a high-quality chair. Find one that is supportive, stylish and built to last. After a long day, your body will thank you."

Pick Your Color

Color plays a very important role in our lives and everyone has different color preferences. Alexia Sheinman from Pembrooke and Ives says, "we naturally react to different colors in different ways, which varies for everyone. Neutrals are calming for some and dull for others, bright colors are energizing to some, and overwhelming to others. Take a moment to decide what color gives you inspiration for the day and build your office to suit."

Importance of Organization

"To combat the feeling you cannot separate home and work life, I suggest getting a file folder, storage container or briefcase to put the work away in an organized fashion, so you can escape work during your off hours or family time," suggests interior designer Janice Barta. "It's important to feel like you can walk away from one activity and fully dive into another, without losing track of what you were working on."

Add Inspirational Art

Find inspiration in artwork you love to help tackle whatever your day brings. This colorful yet muted abstract piece sets a cheery tone in this home office.

Let the Light Shine

"Light can make or break the ambience and brightness is key to productivity," explains designer Alexia Sheinman from Pembrooke and Ives.

Pictures, Please

Including pictures of family, friends and pets into your home office will add a personal touch and brighten your work mood. Remembering good moments or seeing faces of those you love can enliven your work day.

Personality Punch

Designer Alexia Sheinman from Pembrooke and Ives recommends always including in your design items that make you happy. "Always create the space you want, not the space you have! Find the little things that bring you joy and arrange them around you. A favorite candle, a small blooming plant, a stack of beautiful books, a framed photo, your favorite pens. Arrange these objects around you with care — pens lined up, books nicely stacked. This makeshift workspace should feel like it captures your personality and gives you peace of mind to get your work done."

Keep It Clean

Trying to work in a cluttered space can be counterproductive. Having a clean, tidy office makes for not only a beautiful office space, but an efficient one too.

Fragrance for Focus

Designer Laura Umansky uses aromatherapy to enhance productivity when working from her home office. "When I'm at the studio, I always have a candle burning. So, when I'm working from home, I bring that same signature scent into my workspace. The aroma reminds me to focus."

Shared Space Style

If your home office is shared, try creating a stylish work space everyone can enjoy. This simple, yet modern home office in white features a built-in wooden desk with centered filing cabinet, perfect for a pair of at-home workers.

Comfort Is Key

"I’m a big believer that one should never have to sacrifice comfort for design. The best design is that which seamlessly blends the two. Your workspace should feel comfortable and clean. Whether at a bar-height counter, dining table, office desk or kitchen island, clear the surface off and match the table height with the most comfortable work chair you can find," says designer Alexia Sheinman of Pembrooke and Ives.

Vision Board for Inspiration

A vision board can help inspire you to move toward specific goals. Simply collect a group of images or quotes that motivate you and place them in your home office for encouragement.

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