10 Ways to Make the Most of a Studio Apartment

Create comfortable, stylish digs without spending a fortune.

Efficient Studio Living

Studio living can be awesome — it's low-maintenance, affordable (usually!) and makes decorating much easier. Discover our quick tips for making the most of every square inch.

Seek Out Storage

If there's one area that can be a serious challenge for studio dwellers, it's having enough storage space.  Avoid the storage freak-out by making sure every single piece of furniture is doing its part to solve the problem, whether it's a bedside bureau, side table with shelves or lidded ottoman. And make sure your bed has plenty of room below to store off-season clothing or sports gear.

Layered Linens

Studios are known for being, uhm…cozy, so play that up to the hilt by layering linens. Pile on the textured throws and oversized pillows to create a snuggly stay in and watch Netfilx kinda vibe.


Small spaces without a lot of natural daylight can feel cramped and dark. Mirrors are an easy solution — they help bounce light around the space. The reflection creates depth, which fools the eye into thinking your space is a lot larger than it is.

Extra Seating

Don't expect everyone to pile onto your bed when you have friends over. Your place will feel more sophisticated if you provide additional seating for guests. Go for pieces with legs so you have the option of storing items below.

Clutter Control

Always be on the lookout for cute baskets and bins at yard sales or flea markets. These are great for storing items you want to keep handy but don't use every single day.

Dynamic Lighting

When it comes to lighting, avoid the "one and done" approach. Create warmth by layering light sources.  An overhead fixture, a couple of table lamps on dimmers and some accent lighting behind a plant or chair will make your digs feel cozy and inviting, especially at night. And consider swapping an ugly overhead fixture with a more stylish option. There are plenty of affordable fixtures to choose from.

Dreamy Dressers

Don't underestimate the value of a good-looking console or dresser in a studio apartment. The top can serve as a dressing table, a makeshift kitchen or a spot to showcase your favorite things. Make the most of drawer space by tightly folding your clothes (hello, konmari!). And you'll want to make the most of that space with organizers and dividers. You can always repurpose cereal boxes or use small bowls and shallow baskets to wrangle smaller items.

Hang It Up

Don't just hang up coats and bags, utilize walls in unexpected ways. Store attractive scarves, blankets and wraps in plain sight. Not only is this a great way to keep things handy, it's free art! A couple of adhesive hooks and you're good to go!

Small-Scale Workstation

Even if you don't have the space for a full-on home office, you can still carve out a spot to work or study. A fold-down table, shallow desk with drawers or a workstation with shelves work well in a studio. And when you're not working, you can transform it into a crafting space or mixology station.

Everything in its Place

Streamline all your things and make sure you're clear on where everything goes. By having an organized area for everything you use every single day, you'll keep surfaces tidy which is crucial when you're living in tiny quarters.

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