15 Smart Tips for Organizing a Small Apartment

Moving in together can create many challenges, especially keeping both parties' clutter to a minimum. See how we used kitchen cabinets throughout the home keep a newly-joined couple (and their dog) neat and organized. 

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

Combo of Open Shelves and Closed Cabinets

Storage was implemented on an empty wall in an area that serves as a walkway between rooms. Plain white cabinets were used on the white walls to keep the storage "hidden in plain sight" and keep the space bright. The open shelving displays favorite books for these avid readers.

Dog's Bed

The upper cabinet keeps the dog’s accessories organized. There are hooks for leashes and dog bags and towels to wipe off wet paws. An attractive dog bed in the color scheme of the home blends with the carpet and makes for a comfy nap spot.

Use the Back of the Doors

A tiny whiteboard on the back of the cabinet door keeps track of the week's schedule.

Never Lose Keys or Sunglasses Again

Below the dog's cabinet is another cabinet with hooks for keys and a designated place for her purse and his wallet. Having all the stuff you grab on your way out the door in one place will help you stay organized and on time. 

Hide the Shoes

Hidden storage for shoes keeps them organized and out of sight, and a shoeless home is cleaner.

Battery and Hardware Storage

The ends of batteries should not touch in storage because they can lose some of their power and corrode. This handy DIY battery station keeps them separated and lets you know when you need more.

Wrangle Cords and Tuck Them Away

A power strip mounted on the back of a drawer provides a place to charge devices and keep the cords organized and out of the way.

Movable Furniture

A wood coffee table on casters can easily be docked against the wall and out of the way when not in use. Same for the light accent chair, it can also be moved around as needed for TV watching or for entertaining.  

Expandable Dining

A table with a leaf is great for small homes. Expand it to full size when entertaining then retract it when the company goes home. 

Still Big Enough for Intimate Dining

By taking out the leaf and docking the table against the wall, the small space feels bigger. Since the two homeowners usually eat together, there is still plenty of room at the table for nightly dinners without having to open it.

Dining Room Storage

A shelf above the storage cabinet creates an additional place for dishware and decor. By installing a hanging glassware rack under the shelf, wine glasses and goblets find a home and remain dust free in their upside-down position.

Before: Living Area

The two shallow and small sofas took up a lot of floor space. Plus one of the homeowners is 6’5" tall, so he couldn't quite get comfortable on this furniture. 

After: Living Area

One larger, deeper sofa fits the space and offers the right scale for the tall homeowner. A smaller scaled accent chair can be repositioned with ease for social evenings or TV watching. 

Before: Bedroom

The bedroom had furniture that was too big for the space, the nightstands especially. The bed offered no storage. 

After: Bedroom

Smaller scale nightstands provide more room while a platform bed with storage allows clothes to be tucked away neatly. Wall sconces free up space on the nightstands.

Fold-Down Vanity Table

To free up more space in the bathroom, a flip-down vanity table was added to the bedroom. A mirror in a prime location provides a place for morning makeup to happen outside the over-crowded bathroom. Also, to keep clothes nice and neat, a lower kitchen cabinet was repurposed to create a laundry sorting station. 

Cosmetic and Jewelry Storage

A wall cabinet above the vanity hides makeup and jewelry, including a custom wooden makeup brush holder made with just a variety of drill bits. A grab-and-go makeup bag holds items the homeowner takes with her daily. Picture hooks hold earrings and a small dowel rod helps corral bracelets in an easy to see spot. 

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