12 Designer Bedrooms

Make you bedroom look like a designer created it without busting your budget. We show you how.
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November 25, 2014
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Photo By: Ralph Oswald

Flooring Options

If you like the look and warmth of carpet, but you already have wood floors, opt for an oversized rug. It's soft to the touch and much cheaper and more easily removable than carpet. Design by Pulp Design Studios

Perfect Palette

Choosing two strong, sophisticated colors, such as chocolate brown and gray, adds elegance to the bedroom. Pick the right colors, and you've already created a space that looks like a million bucks. And for even more high-end appeal, add some patterned wallpaper to an accent wall. By only covering a portion of your room, you're sure to save money and bring instant flair. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Alternative Arrangements

Fresh flowers brighten any room, but unless you have access to a flourishing garden year round, keeping fresh flowers in the home can be pretty pricey. For a similar feel without the constant expense, substitute feathers or artificial flowers for a more affordable, lasting effect. You can always take the look a step further by integrating these artificial orchid branch lights into your bedroom design. Each bulb provides a tiny light to illuminate the room with all the color and ambience of real blooms. Photo courtesy of Graham and Green

Midas Touch

By spray-painting accessories gold, you're free to buy old, stained and mismatched items, knowing they will look new and lavish with a simple coat of paint. Another benefit to the golden hue is the added touch of glam it gives to accessories, such as the bedroom mirror, vintage collectibles and even the gold tacks on this custom-made bedside table. Design by Jolene Huitt

Repurposed Furniture

Find new uses for old furniture. This wine cabinet is being used as a TV nook, but with a rod or added shelving, it could even be made into an armoire. Shop consignment stores and flea markets to find interesting furniture that can be salvaged and revamped. Design by Adam Zollinger
From: Adam Zollinger

Arts and Crafts

Vintage sale signs make for cool and creative artwork. Look at flea markets or antique shops, or maybe even make your own. So, instead of spending your time at art auctions looking for the ideal statement piece for your bedroom wall, channel your creative side and try your hand at your own wall art. Design by Gregory Augustine

Simplistic Display

Artwork adds a touch of personality and class, but rather than spending a fortune to buy high-end art, use what you have. Display what you love, and you will never get tired of it. In this room designed by Sarah Richardson, the walls are adorned with straw hats that add to the home's summer-inspired, cottage-style charm.

Accent Pieces

Who doesn't love an incredible crystal chandelier? The sparkle will light your bedroom and make the whole room exude glamour. But if you can't afford an expensive chandelier, look for more budget-friendly alternatives. Scour vintage shops for antique glass or crystal accessories, lamps and more. Design by Sarah Richardson

Mix and Match

Look for furniture at thrift stores and local consignment shops, and try to find pieces that complement but do not necessarily match your bedroom. You're bound to save money if you stay away from purchasing entire bedroom sets. Design by Patrick Baglino, Jr.

Get Creative

Think outside the box. If you're in the process of building or redesigning your bedroom, consider creative ways that you may be able to save money in the future. For example, the wall of this bedroom, made entirely of 4X4 lumber, eliminates the need for side tables, lamps, shelving and even a bedframe if you want. Design by Antonio Ballatore

Multiple Uses

For this bedroom, designer Nile Johnson chose furniture that could serve several different purposes. The same piece of furniture is used for decoration, a nightstand and storage. By incorporating pieces that work for numerous different things, you will save money by buying fewer items.

Smart Design

If your bedroom leads to an open closet, buying a closet door is only one of several options to conceal your belongings. In this little girl’s room, designer Candice Olson uses decorative fabric to separate the two spaces. An old curtain will do the trick, or visit a fabric store to find the perfect design to suit your taste.

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