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How to Wallpaper a Ceiling

By: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien
Want to add flair to a boring ceiling? Get step-by-step instructions for hanging pretty blue-sky wallpaper.
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Clear Skies Above Head

A cheerful wallpaper design brings personality and color to a serene space, like a home office. The fifth wall can act as an accent wall in a room. Here's how to achieve the look of a wallpapered ceiling, featuring a pretty blue sky of birds overhead.

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Materials List

For this project you'll need wallpaper (we used removable wallpaper tiles from Hygge & West, an 8-inch plastic smoother, a seam roller, measuring tape and a pencil.

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Get Started: Prep, Plan and Apply

Before hanging your wallpaper, you want to make sure that your ceiling is in great shape: All holes are filled, all imperfections have been spackled and sanded, and dust and dirt have been cleaned off the surface. Do not apply wallpaper to a ceiling that's been freshly painted and has not cured for 20 days.

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Photo: Charlotte Jenks-Lewis

Flatten Your Tiles

The wallpaper shown here is actually a design of removable wallpaper tiles by Julia Rothman for Hygge & West. Open up and gently unroll the tiles, and lay the wallpaper tiles flat for 24 hours before starting this project.

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