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How to Apply Stikwood Paneling

Add a rustic, modern focal point to your bedroom wall with a sleek single chevron design.
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Before: Boring and Uninspiring

While charming, this Los Angeles bedroom had no pizzazz. A wood accent wall was just the solution to add a rustic, modern touch in this Spanish-style home.

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After: Eye-Catching Design

In one afternoon and on a budget of $1,000 I recruited Thad Mills, a local carpenter, to make this bedroom backdrop clean and dramatic with weathered gray wood paneling.

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To Get Started

Carefully measure both the height and width of your wall in inches to calculate how much wood paneling you'll need. Remove any nails from your wall, and lightly sand any raised cracks if you have plaster walls. Brush off your walls with a clean, lint-free cloth before you begin for best adhesion.

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Create Your Design

You'll need to map out the pattern you'd like to use. The possibilities are endless, but it's helpful to plan out the design ahead of time. We followed a single chevron design, because arranging the "point" of this single chevron at the top gives the room a feeling of height.

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