9 Clever Home Office Organizing Ideas

Papers, cords, printers, shredders: Your home office can easily become a clutter collector. Get your workspace in order with these easy tips.
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May 25, 2015

Photo By: Sett Studio / Blake Gordan

Photo By: Danielle Moss

Use a Labeler for Everything!

Are those the bills you paid? Or the ones you were going to pay? And why did you save those seemingly random pamphlets? A label maker like the top-rated Epson can ID your folders, inboxes and everything else so you know what’s what. 

… Especially Those Cords.

You get inspired to move the furniture, one thing leads to another, and suddenly, you have a mess of unplugged cables and no memory of what went where. Or maybe you just want to unplug the modem and not the printer, and all the cords look alike. Labeling your cords solves the problem (and keeps you organized when you put things away). 

Purge Paper.

A desktop scanner can sweep those stacks off your desk and into safe digital storage. Some models don’t require a computer to run and use batteries, so you can take them to whatever corner a pile lurks in.

Drill a Grommet Hole.

Cables don’t need to drape down the back of your cabinets or desk. A cheap drill bit and an equally inexpensive grommet can create a professional-looking portal for your cords to drop in, making surfaces look tidier.  

Create a “Put Away” Box.

Headphones, packing tape, magazines you want to clip … things have a way of piling up around an office, and a “put away” box is a great catch-all for those times you want to tidy up, but don’t have time to really tidy up. 

Go Cord-Free.

For a neater look, go cord-free wherever you can. Speakers, printers and scanners all come with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi options that mean they don’t have to be “connected” to work. 

Wall-Mount Your Monitor.

That screen doesn’t need to grab precious space from your desk — and it looks like art on the wall (not to mention it’s better for your posture). 

Use a Bar Cart as a Catch-All.

It has multiple levels, it rolls, it might even fit under your desk – and who cares if it’s made for cocktails? A cute bar cart like this can be a great solution for your office supplies other essentials. You could even make the top into a coffee station. 

Use Velcro to Lift Power Strips off the Floor.

Those clunky strips of outlets may be essential, but they aren’t pretty. Use Velcro to stick them behind a cabinet out of view. 

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