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Wrap Trees in Yarn for the Holidays

Wrap yarn around bare tree branches to give your exterior some bold and unexpected holiday flair.
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Artsy Display

Dive into the art of yarn bombing — in your own front yard. You'll need: yarn by the skein; foam spheres (for ornaments); hot glue gun; hot glue sticks; 1-inch exterior nails; scissors.

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Wrap Tree Base

Starting along the base of the tree, unfurl yarn from the skein, then tightly and evenly wrap it around the trunk and low-hanging branches. For proper coverage, allow each strand to overlap the other, ensuring no branch surface peeks through the yarn.

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Cut and Knot

Once you reach the portion of the branch or trunk where you'd like the yarn to stop, cut it from the skein using scissors. Then, create a knot.

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Work Upwards in Layers

To ensure a uniform look, wrap each individual portion of the tree, from the bottom to the top, overlapping where each of the branches meet the trunk.

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