Wrap Trees in Yarn for the Holidays

Wrap yarn around bare tree branches to give your exterior some bold and unexpected holiday flair.

Artsy Display

Dive into the art of yarn bombing — in your own front yard. You'll need: yarn by the skein; foam spheres (for ornaments); hot glue gun; hot glue sticks; 1-inch exterior nails; scissors.

Wrap Tree Base

Starting along the base of the tree, unfurl yarn from the skein, then tightly and evenly wrap it around the trunk and low-hanging branches. For proper coverage, allow each strand to overlap the other, ensuring no branch surface peeks through the yarn.

Cut and Knot

Once you reach the portion of the branch or trunk where you'd like the yarn to stop, cut it from the skein using scissors. Then, create a knot.

Work Upwards in Layers

To ensure a uniform look, wrap each individual portion of the tree, from the bottom to the top, overlapping where each of the branches meet the trunk.

Create a Stopping Point

As you reach the highest point of the tree where you'd like the yarn to sit, create a uniform stopping point which continues along each branch.

Add Yarn to Sphere

To add shape, color and texture between the branches, you can make decorative hanging spheres. Unfurl yarn from the skein to use it for wrapping the foam spheres. Slowly wrap the foam sphere with yarn, using a glue gun to attach it.

Add Nail to Sphere

Once the foam sphere is completely covered with yarn, add a nail into the top of the sphere. Next, cut an additional 6-inch strand of yarn, then loop it around the nail to create a hanger.

Hang Spheres on Branches

Loop the hangers of each sphere around uncovered portions of branches, tying them in place securely.

Whimsical Wonderland

Ornaments are optional, but we love the way they look on a bare-boned tree in various sizes.

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