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Kids' Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas They'll Love

Bring a playful touch to your home this season with mini, kid-friendly Christmas trees covered in playful decorating ideas.
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Their Own Trees

Top your living room coffee table with pint-sized Christmas trees covered in kid-friendly decor. Here are six ways to make a mini tree their own.

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Straw Tree Topper

Make a whimsical tree topper from a foam sphere, card stock, glitter and paper straws. Cut several straws in different lengths, and update a basic foam sphere by painting it in a coordinating hue. To play with light, consider adding a layer of glitter over the paint. To attach the sphere to the top of the tree, make a connector by shaping and cutting card stock into a cone, then pushing it into the foam sphere. Randomly attach the straws to the sphere, then place the topper on the tree.

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DIY Garland

Put a fresh spin on plastic animal figurines by outfitting them as a kids' garland. Add screw eyes into the tops of each animal, then cut a strand of thread to size (approximately 36 inches long, depending on your tree). Slide beads and animal figurines onto the thread, then secure the ends with knots.

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Button Tree Ornaments

Create one-of-a-kind ornaments from multi-colored buttons and thread. Add thread to a needle and knot the end, then slide an assortment of small neutral-toned buttons onto the thread as a tree base. Gradually build a tree silhouette with an assortment of large buttons added along the bottom, medium buttons in the center and smaller buttons near the top. For a tree topper effect, add a small star decoration on the top with looped string as a hanger.

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