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Use Upcycled Materials to Create Holiday Decor

From used holiday lights to empty gift wrap tubes, here are 12 unique ways to create holiday decor from common upcycled materials.
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Newspaper Trees

Create tabletop trees from newspaper and cardboard boxes. Cut cardboard boxes down into flat sheets, then roll each sheet into a conical form. Next, cut the uneven cardboard along the bottom of the conical and keep both ends of the cardboard fastened together with glue. Next, cut newspaper into 4-inch strips, then fray the newspaper with scissors. Wrap each conical with the layers of frayed newspaper, then secure them in place with glue.

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Gift Wrap Tube Deer

Add a playful touch to tabletop surfaces with reindeer made from recycled gift wrap tubes. To make, cut the tubes to size with a utility knife, allowing 4 inches of length for the body and 2 inches of length for the head. Next, cut twigs with floral shears, then add holes to the bottom of the 4-inch tube and along the top and the bottom of the 2-inch tube. Insert the twigs as legs, antlers and neck, then keep them firmly fastened with glue.

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Birch Log Ornaments

Birch logs can be used for many different upcycled projects, including Christmas trees ornaments. Cut birch logs into 1/4-inch discs, then use a drill bit to add a hole along the top. Next, trace shapes onto acetate and cut out with a utility knife. Add the silhouette acetate to the birch log with double-sided tape or glue, then create a hanger by looping ribbon or twine through the hole.

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Dripping Paint-Can Planters

With simple DIY skills and leftover paint, you can turn empty paint cans into colorful planters for year-round container gardening. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

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