Homemade Holiday Gifts Under $10

Designer Casey Noble shares homemade holiday gifts you can make with upcycled materials and basic craft skills.

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Tic-Tac-Toe on the Go

Make It: Keep the entire family entertained on holiday road trips with on-the-go tic-tac-toe. Update a fabric bag with banding tape laid out in the center and cut into a tic-tac-toe grid. Fuse the banding to the bag with iron-on adhesive tape and an iron. Pick up wooden X's and O's, paint (if desired), then place inside the bag.

Teacup Candle

Make It: Put a fresh spin on an old teacup by turning it into a fragrant candle. Melt a block of crafting wax in a pan, and then once liquefied, pour it inside the cup, leaving a one-half-inch rim around the top. Before the wax hardens, cut wick material to size, then place in the center.

Chalkboard Serving Platter

Make It: Breathe new life into a scratched serving platter by coating it in chalkboard paint. Use chalk to identify the drink or snack being served as well as its ingredients or recipe.

Candlestick + Baking Pan Tiered Serving Tray

Make It: Bring the charm of an old general store to your holiday parties with a tiered serving tray made from tin baking pans and candlesticks. Use square or circular tin baking pans in three different sizes as well as one large and one small wooden candlestick. Update the candlesticks with holiday hues using spray paint. Next, use a drill to add pilot holes directly through the center points of all three pans. Secure the pans to the candlesticks, first by drilling wood screws through the holes and into the bases of each candlestick, then by drilling screws through the top of the pan and into the top of each candlestick.

Floral Filler Tags

Make It: Put floral filler to good use as organic ID or tags. Simply cut a portion of any floral filler such as baby's breath or leafy green stalks into three-inch strands, and then shape them into circles. Next, cut card stock into four-inch squares, add a holiday message along the bottom with stamps and ink, then punch a hole right below the top. Secure the floral filler to the card stock by bundling it with twine and fastening through the punched hole.

DIY Fridge Magnets

Make It: Turn photos, drawings, sketches or even signatures into one-of-a-kind refrigerator magnets. Print the artwork on a printer, unfurl the magnetized vinyl sheeting, and then mark it to the same size as the printed artwork. Cut the sheeting with a utility knife, remove the protective backing, and then position printed artwork in place.

Chalkboard Drink Barrel

Make It: Turn old waste bins or washtubs into drink barrels with a can of chalkboard spray paint and painter's tape. Use chalk to add a message or identify the drinks, then fill up with ice.

Cork Christmas Tree

Make It: Put a holiday spin on wine corks with a tabletop Christmas tree structure. Secure corks directly to floral foam cones using a hot glue gun and display all season long.

Cookie-Cutter Candles

Make It: Repurpose your old cookie cutters into charming candles by melting blocks of crafting wax in a pan on a stovetop, pouring the liquefied wax inside of the cookie cutters, and then adding a wick before the wax hardens.

Vintage-Book Handbag

Make It: Get creative with carryalls by upcycling an old book into a one-of-a-kind tote. First, remove the book cover from its paper pages by cutting through hardened glue with a utility knife. Next, cut a coordinating fabric to size using fabric scissors, then secure it to the top and bottom of the book with hot glue. Create handle attachment tabs by cutting fabric into loops, wrapping them around the handle materials and securing them along the top edges of the front and back book covers using hot glue.

Picture-Frame Clock

Make It: Add a holiday touch to your home by repurposing a holiday greeting card into a clock. Remove the glass from the front of the frame, insert the card and add matting, then drill a hole through the back panel of the frame and straight through the center of the card. Pick up a clock kit from a craft store, and attach it along the back.

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