Upcycled Easter Terrariums

Reuse glass jars to create these Easter terrariums perfect for gift giving this spring.

Upcycled Easter Terrariums

These sweet Easter terrariums all began with a need to upcycle, create and garden. By following these easy steps, you can make your own seasonal terrariums.

Gather Your Supplies

For this craft, you will need: clean recycled jars/spray paint/glue/assorted plastic animals/pebbles/activated charcoal/African violet potting soil/miniature African violets/moss/miniature eggs and mushrooms/newspaper/paper towels.

Add Animals

Glue the animals to the lids of the jars and set them aside to dry completely.

Spring Colors

In a well ventilated area, spread out paper to protect your surface. Spray paint the lids with attached animals any color you prefer. Set them aside to dry completely. I chose colors that reminded me of spring.

Wee Pebbles

Add a thin layer of small pebbles to the bottom of each upcycled glass container. This helps with drainage.

Charcoal for Freshness

Next add a layer of activated charcoal to help the terrarium remain fresh.

V is for Violet

Add some soil on top of the activated charcoal. Next, remove the african violet from its container. Tease the roots apart and plant it in the soil.

The Final Layer

Next add a layer of moss to the top of the soil around the African violet. Wipe the glass walls inside the jar with a moist paper towel to remove any lingering soil.

Eggs and Mushrooms

Feel free to add some extra delicate touches such as decorative eggs or small mushrooms. Small items like these can be found in the fairy gardening section of your local garden center. In one jar, I opted for moss and mushrooms only.

Top it Off

Complete each terrarium with one of the painted lids. These make a great Easter treat from the garden for friends and family.

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