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Photo By: Courtesy of Kelly Ventura

Photo By: Courtesy of Used Threads

Photo By: Courtesy of Maryanne Moodie

Photo By: Courtesy of Suakoko Betty

Photo By: Brandy Schuman

Photo By: Sam Larson

Photo By: Deanne Revel ©Courtesy of Sarah Matthews

Photo By: Anne Briggs

Photo By: Courtesy of Crafty Lumberjacks

Photo By: Courtesy of Jason Thigpen

Kelly Ventura Design

Artist and designer Kelly Ventura paints vibrant botanical watercolors that become prints, wallpaper, paper goods, bedding, dinnerware and so much more. On Instagram, she shares the evolution of her art including mistakes. "I love showing my process and glimpses of my life because I think it provides a more real connection in this world of social media," Ventura said. "I show the messes, the mistakes, the highs and the lows, the days my kids are home sick and playing in my studio with me. We are all human and showing the real stuff is important to me."

Used Threads

Macrame and embroidery are great but embroidered macrame is even better. The U.K. crafter Used Threads channels a nostalgic 70s vibe in her work with tiny hoops of trendy botanicals and groovy planters.

Maryanne Moodie

Textile artist Maryanne Moodie's feed features gorgeous wall hangings and fiber decor all woven by hand. "There is something that connects us with a slower time at the loom," she said. "You must focus completely on the task at hand." Moodie recycles and upcycles fibers, spinning second-hand materials with high-end fibers. "I like to feel the story of a fiber," she said. "What was its life before it came to me?"

Suakoko Betty

Atlanta fashion designer Charlene Dunbar created the Suakoko Betty brand to honor her Liberian roots and share traditional African patterns and colors in modern fashion. Her family moved to the states when she was a child to escape Liberia’s civil war and fashion became "a connection to home and a way to express who I was and where I came from." The colorful, vivid patterns that she shares on Instagram are beautiful but also tell a story. "A lot of the wax or Ankara prints depict proverbs or aspects of life back home," Dunbar said. "There's one with a repeating motif of a bird in flight in an oval and it means 'Money has wings.' Others prints may mimic handmade African batik prints."

A Sensible Habit

Atlanta artist Brandy Schuman of A Sensible Habit has the best Instagram bio: "Creating colorful fun things that want to come live with you." Those fun things are chic ceramics like geometric jewelry, earring holders and trendy indigo bowls and platters.

Sam Larson

Illustrator Sam Larson rarely draws on paper. His scenes from the Pacific Northwest show up on unexpected surfaces like coffee cups, gum wrappers or fallen leaves. "I wanted to show people that the brand of paper you use doesn't make you a better artist," said Larson. "I also liked the idea of recycling trash into art."

Sarah Matthews

Artist Sarah Matthews loves playing with paper. But she doesn't just create paper art. She engineers three-dimensional paper sculptures. "[Paper] is the most readily available, affordable and versatile material, with limitless possibilities," she said. Those possibilities recently helped Matthews turn her art hobby into a full-time paper sculpture business.

Anne of All Trades

Woodworker and designer Anne Briggs of Anne of All Trades isn’t about instant gratification. She’s going old-school to create beautiful and functional furniture. "I like to think of my work from tree to finished product," she said. "I spend a lot of time in the forest and love to co-create with nature. Trees can live for hundreds of years. In a throwaway culture, motivated by the latest trends and styles, I want to create furniture that will give the tree new, beautiful life for a few hundred more years. That is why I use traditional joinery and antiquated skillsets. My furniture is built to last, to withstand real life in a house with kids and animals and chaos. And I try to steer clear of trendy aspects in my work and keep my designs as timeless as possible."

Crafty Lumberjacks

No one loves the holidays as much as the Crafty Lumberjacks. NYC couple Dennis Setteducati and Andrew Boza share fun and easy holiday DIYs on their Instagram account and they recently joined the HGTV Handmade crew as craft contributors.

Texas Heritage Woodworks

Jason Thigpen of Texas Heritage Woodworks is the go-to for shop accessories, from tool rolls to aprons. In addition to Instagrams of his shop, Thigpen shares a glimpse of rustic, ranch life in Texas.

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