Who You Should Be Following for Design Inspiration Now

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these interior designers, photographers, food bloggers, fashion icons and creatives we love to follow for the endless design inspo and trend-forward ideas.

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Photo By: Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Photo By: The Wishing Trees

Photo By: Chad Mellon Photography

Photo By: Coco Lapine Design

Photo By: Courtesy of Samira Kazan

Photo By: Chantal Anderson

Photo By: Courtesy of Matthieu Venot

Photo By: Ashley Woodson Bailey

Photo By: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Photo By: Courtesy of House of Brinson

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Photo By: Sesha Smith, Convey Studios

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

No, they don't sell ice cream, but Tara Mangini and Percy Bright, the couple behind Jersey Ice Cream Co., do mix vintage style with modern sensibilities in their interior designs. From mixing wood and plaster to tufted chairs and claw-foot tubs, this design duo creates spaces that are warm and inviting without feeling dated or formal. Check out more of their designs on Instagram.

La Boheme - House of the Wishing Tree

Lovers of color will fall instantly in love with this globally-inspired vibrant feed. Jo Brittles of La Boheme - House of the Wishing Tree captures the beauty, color and joy of the boho style perfectly. She sources and sells textiles, products and decorative wares from around the world and creates whimsical spaces filled with artisanal pieces.

Lindye Galloway

Lindye Galloway's feed showcases the incredible interior design work of her Orange County-based company Lindye Galloway Interiors. Her work mixes styles to give homes fresh, modern looks while keeping in mind comfort and practicality. Check out more of her projects here.

Sarah Van Peteghem

If you love Scandinavian design, you'll want to check out Sarah Van Peteghem, a Belgian designer living in Munich who designs art prints and blogs about interior design at Coco Lapine. Her Instagram account embodies a modern, minimalist look and the slow living lifestyle, featuring muted colors, natural textures and slices of everyday life that'll give you major hygge inspiration.

Hilton Carter

#PlantParenthood is a way of life, and Hilton Carter, who shares his apartment with 280 plants, is the ultimate inspiration for indoor gardening. Greenery dominates Hilton's Instagram, proving that you can never have too many plants and that a large fiddle-leaf fig can be just as much of a focal point in a living space than a couch. From vertical gardens to hanging planters to trees, the plant-filled interior photos featured on Hilton's feed will inspire you to bring more nature into your home.

Samira Kazan of Alpha Foodie

Food becomes art when you explore Samira Kazan's Instagram account @alphafoodie. Samira Kazan's exuberant take on food is evident in every shot she posts. Bright colors, masterful use of light and a variety of textures and types of foods combine to create images that capture the eye and the imagination.

Bri Emery of Design Love Fest

As a creative director, product designer, blogger and traveler, Bri Emery, the founder of Design Love Fest, wears many hats as a creative. Her Instagram account features endless inspiration that combines food, home, fashion and travel all in one colorful virtual space. From fields of flowers to easy-to-make dishes to inviting interior and exterior spaces, Bri shares shots that'll inspire not just your design aesthetic, but your day-to-day lifestyle.

Matthieu Venot

Lots of pastel colors, incredible angles and vibrant exteriors make Matthieu Venot’s account one you have to follow. His attention to angles and light will make you think more about shape and color than perhaps the buildings themselves.

Ashley Woodson Bailey

Beautiful floral artwork keeps us coming back to the designer Ashley Woodson Bailey's Instagram account. From vibrant reds to moody blues, she creates limited edition wallpaper, upholstery and gifts. To add a bit of botany to a room in your house, be sure to check out the wallpapers available on her website.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel designs both interior spaces and textiles, so her Instagram is a beautiful blend of both. If you're a Mandy Moore fan, you may have seen that the This Is Us star renovated a gorgeous midcentury modern house, for which Sarah led the interior design. Sarah recently relocated to Michigan, purchasing a midcentury fixer-upper of her own, and we can't wait to follow along with the renovation process on her Instagram and blog.

House of Brinson

Photographers, in particular, will love the work of William and Susan Brinson. The couple blogs about interior design and renovating old homes at House of Brinson, and they also work as commercial photographers. Their Instagram images range from interior shots to nature scenes to animals to food. Throughout their images, they bring the spirit of a place to life with their styling and superior use of light, shadows and moody color palettes.

Emily Katz of Modern Macramé

The nostalgic craft of macramé is back, and Emily Katz behind Modern Macramé creates fresh takes on this old-school craft, teaches workshops around the world and sells ready-made fiber products, as well as rope and supplies for your own creations. Emily's style is the definition of boho chic, and her Instagram features her beautiful macramé work and stunning interiors that'll leave you wanting to DIY a few hanging planters of your own.

Noz Nozawa

If you like pops of color and interesting textures, you need to give designer Noz Nozawa a follow. Her Instagram is flooded with everything from her work to photos of brightly painted houses in San Francisco where she lives.

Iris Apfel

If ever there was a designer with a keen eye for boldness, it is Iris Apfel. While Apfel's work has mostly been focused on fashion, her more-is-more mantra easily translates to interior design, where minimalism has held the spotlight for the last few years. The 96-year-old recently partnered with Grandin Road to create a new line of colorful jungle-inspired products, from a monkey lamp to plates with "more is more, less is bore" written on the rim. Iris' one-of-a-kind and ever-evolving, maximalist style has earned her icon status.

Urbanology Designs

Texas-based Urbanology Designs, led by owner and principal designer Ginger Curtis, won the 2017 Designer of the Year from the Interior Design Society. At Urbanology Designs, they believe "interesting is better than perfection," and they often combine styles and break out of traditional "rules" of design. Their ability to take natural materials like wood and stone and bring them into a modern space to create a rustic-meets-Scandinavian setting is truly inspiring. Follow their work on Instagram.

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