Make Giant Christmas Light Balls for Your Yard

Put an artistic spin on front yard Christmas lighting with illuminated spheres made from chicken wire.

Sparkling Display

You've seen holiday light balls in botanical gardens and other seasonal displays, but they're actually simple to make with just a few supplies.

Tools + Materials

For each sphere, you'll need: chicken wire; wire snips; zip ties; measuring tape; twinkle lights (in desired color); extension cord.

Cut Chicken Wire

On a flat, level surface, unfurl chicken wire to the desired height using measuring tape as a guide. Then, use wire snips to cut the chicken wire to the desired length.

Fold Wire

In order to shape the chicken wire into spheres, the wire has to be folded into a cylinder to create roundness. Then, trim away the excess using wire snips. Once the excess is cut, the cylinder will appear more square.

Round Edges

Form a circle by closing each end of the cylindrically-shaped chicken wire shut with zip ties.

Shape the Sphere

After the zip ties are secure, adjust any bent chicken wire until the sphere is perfectly round.

Add Twinkle Lights

Thread twinkle lights in and out of the openings of the chicken wire until the entire sphere is covered.

Add Extension Cords

Once all spheres are covered, place them in the yard accordingly, then plug them into the extension cords.

Create Groupings

For a more contemporary look, consider grouping the spheres in odd numbers around the front yard.

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