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Make a Honeybee Garden Pinata

Add a bright beehive pinata to your next garden party for a sweet surprise.

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Honeybee Pinata

Impress guests at your next backyard party with this charming, handmade honeybee pinata. Just follow these step-by-step directions to make your own candy filled beehive.

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To make your pinata you will need newsprint (or recycled newspaper), assorted colors of tissue paper, scissors, glue, a brush, a large balloon, yellow crepe paper and a few thin branches. You'll also need wire, string or twine to hang your pinata, and some candy to fill it. (We suggest honey flavored.)

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Mixing the Paste

There are a few different ways to make paper mache paste, and you can use any of them for your pinata. We created our paste by mixing one part white glue with two parts warm water.

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Applying Paper

Blow up a balloon and begin covering the surface with strips of newsprint. Lay each piece of paper on and brush it with the paste until it is soaked through. Use at least 3 layers of paper, but make it thicker at the end opposite where the balloon is tied off. You'll be hanging your pinata from that end, so you need to make sure the paper is strong enough to carry the weight. Leave a space without paper about 2 inches round around the tie.

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