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Everything You Need to Start a Backyard Beehive

May 14, 2019

The world honey bee population is dwindling, so if you aspire to be a backyard beekeeper, now's the time. Here's what you need to get started.🐝

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Bee Hive Box Kit

A good-quality bee hive box kit that allows bees to thrive and create lots of amber-colored goodness is a must for any new beekeeper. Get one that protects your precious honey bees from the elements. Keep it from high-traffic areas too, like swing sets and patios. Like you and me, bees appreciate privacy, so tuck the hive behind a screen or greenery. Set up a saucer of water in close proximity to the hive to keep your little guys hydrated.

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Stainless Steel Smoker

You can't have a beehive without a smoker. They're like peanut butter and jelly; they just go together. A smoker confuses bees a bit, keeping them from sending out red-alert signals to every other bee in the hive. The puffs of smoke also make bees think the hive is on fire, so they eat as much honey as they can and basically fall into a food coma. At this point, the bees are full, chill and have little desire to sting you, much less move, giving you time to inspect the hive and harvest honey. Don't forget smoker pellets.

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Beekeeping Suit & Veil

You may be fearless when it comes to bees, but you'll still want to invest in a proper beekeeping suit and head covering to keep from exposing skin to your bees. Even with a smoker, there may be a bee or two in the hive that are less than excited about your presence. Get one that's comfortable and well-ventilated, enabling you to care for your bees all summer long.

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Beekeeping Gloves

Interestingly, most beekeeping suits don't include beekeeping gloves. These are a must, even if they need to be purchased separately. Spring for a pair of durable gloves that are not going to tear or allow bees to make their way into your suit while you're tending to the hive. These leather beekeeping gloves have sting-proof cuffs, making it near impossible for your honey bees to zap you while you're harvesting honey.

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