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DIY Garden Love Bugs

These cute Love Bugs are easy to make with this simple tutorial and are sure to brighten your garden.

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Garden Love Bugs

This friendly little love bugs are sure to brighten up your potted plants or garden. These easy instructions make them simple and fun to create. They are a wonderful treasure to find hidden among the plants for children and adults alike.

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To create your love bugs you will need a variety of colors of polymer clay. It can be found in a bright range of colors in many different brands and hardens after being baked in the oven. Be sure to follow the instructions for baking that come with your clay.

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Butterfly Shapes

To create your butterfly you will need a few simple shapes. First a log or hot dog shape for the body, and a sphere for the head. You will need two large teardrop shapes for the top wings, and two smaller teardrops for the bottom wings. Then you will need decorations for your wings. We used two hearts and two dots, but feel free to try other shapes.

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Making Pieces Stick

When putting together your different pieces of clay, you want to be sure that they stick together well. To make this happen you need to rough up the surfaces that will stick together. Scratch the object you will place and the area where it will be placed with a toothpick or other pointed object before placing them together. Press firmly with your fingers to strengthen the bond. This is especially important with larger pieces.

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