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Chic DIY Garden Lanterns

Garden lanterns help to dress the table and light up the night.

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Photo: Image courtesy of Melissa Caughey

Make the Lanterns

Follow along to learn how to make these fun, inexpensive and versatile lanterns for your next get together.

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Gather Your Supplies

To make the basic lanterns pick up the following at your local hardware store: replacement glass lamp covers (electrical aisle), stainless steel clamps to fit around your jar (plumbing aisle) and stainless steel strapping (plumbing aisle). You will also need a metal cutter or strong wire cutters.

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Cut the Handle

Unroll the strapping to determine your handle size and cut it to length.

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Attach the Handle

Remove the handle. Loosen the clamp just a bit. Reinsert the handle. While holding it in place, screw the clamp tight with a screwdriver.

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