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Build a Bocce Ball Court

Enjoy hours of entertainment with your own handmade bocce ball court.

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Backyard Bocce Ball

Bocce is a great way to spend time having fun with friends and family. This time-honored activity has been played for centuries in other parts of the world. In many countries, this game is taken quite seriously as a sport. Unfortunately, regulation size bocce courts are typically too large to fit most American backyards. We’ve scaled this version down (click here to see the plans) to about 1/3 the regulation size, making it perfect for family fun.

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Gather the Materials

To make this bocce ball court, scoreboard and ball holder, you will need: bocce ball court plans / fourteen 5/4-inch x 6-inch x 10-foot pressure-treated pine boards / two 5/4-inch x 6-inch x 12-foot pressure-treated pine boards / 2-inch wood screws / weed cloth / shovel / paver base / decomposed granite / pea gravel / crushed oyster shell or oyster flour (optional) / stain and/or sealant as desired / two 1/2-inch galvanized floor flanges / one 1/2-inch galvanized 45-degree elbow / one 1/2-inch galvanized threaded pipe, 1-inch or smaller (close) / one 36-inch threaded pipe / four 1/2-inch wood screws

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Make the Cuts

Download the bocce ball court plans, then make all necessary cuts according to the diagram.

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Build the Ball Holder

Attach the 46-inch board (H) to the inside edge of the 72-inch board (F) by inserting two wood screws through the 72-inch board and into the end of the 46-inch board. Attach the opposite end of the 46-inch board to the inside edge of the 12-inch board (K). Attach the 13-inch board (J) to the outside of the 12-inch board by inserting wood screws through the 12-inch board and into the 13-inch board. The two boards should be flush on the end away from the 46-inch board and the 13-inch board should extend 1 inch past the joint of the 12-inch board and the 46-inch board. To start construction on the court frame, attach the ball holder to one of the 10-inch boards by inserting two wood screws through the 72-inch board (F) and into one end of the 10-inch board.

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