It's Time to Start Keeping Plants in Your Bathrooms

Trust us on this one.

While some of us are lucky to have green thumbs, other people can't keep a plant alive no matter how hard they try. Regardless of your plant prowess, though, this trend is one everyone should try. Turning your home into an interior garden or jungle-like oasis is all the rage, and for good reason. Aside from their air-purifying qualities, plants provide some serious style. These pops of green are welcome in just about any room, but lately, bathroom plants have stolen our hearts.

Having trouble remembering to water your favorite finds? That won't be a problem if they're right by the shower. You can easily add an editorialized style to your bathroom by adding in a few hardy plants, and the proximity to several water sources will help even the laziest gardener keep everything alive. Check out some of these stylish ways to incorporate plants into the bathroom and give it a try yourself.

Go Tiny

The plants you choose for your bathroom don't have to be oversized in order to have a big impact on your space. Small-scale plants paired with sleek planters will fit seamlessly onto any countertop or shelf. If you're tight on space or don't have a ton of surface area, this is the perfect approach to try.

Greenhouse Style

If you love bohemian interiors and dream of incorporating some of those laid-back vibes into your home, look no further than a plant-filled bathroom. All types of plants are welcome in this scenario, which creates the affect of having your very own greenhouse to bathe in. Winding down and enjoying a bath amongst plants takes relaxation to a whole new level. Use the floor, stools, walls and any other space you have to show off your latest nursery finds.

Use Shelves

Use your shelves to display some vibrant greens. From plants that tend to drape to ones that grow big and bushy, an empty shelf or two is an ideal spot for these greens to thrive. If this is the route you choose to go, make sure you're working with plants that don't necessarily require a lot of sunlight. A bold choice like a Boston fern will take your #shelfie game to new heights.

Simple Hanging

Choosing a simple plant to hang is a perfect way to start introducing this aesthetic into your bathroom. Opt for something flowy that will grow easily to ensure the plant will really fill up the space on your wall. Either hang this from the ceiling or use a towel hook to keep it right at eye level.

Big and Bold

Skip those trendy, tiny plants, and choose one oversized showstopper to serve as the center of attention in your bathroom. No matter where you place this, it's bound to be the focal point, so don't worry too much about where it goes. Let its leaves bend naturally and rest anywhere, including the sink countertop and shower curtain. Whether your bathroom is minimalist or filled with accents, a bold tree will fit perfectly into your setup.

High Style

Make your bathroom feel like a bougie hotel room by styling your selection of plants to perfection. Utilize accent pieces like wood stools and benches to add some height to the plants of your choosing. Don't just stick to the classic options, though. A statement cactus will do wonders at the foot of any bathtub. The diverse array of leafy plants and succulents creates an indoor garden that will transform an ordinary bathroom into something out of a fairytale.

Splash of Color

Bathrooms are often neutral or monochromatic, but the addition of plants gives you the chance to bring in small pops of color. No matter what color scheme you're working with, a plant or two will brighten up your space in all the right ways. You don't even need to commit to a potted plant if it's not your thing. A few stems of a plant, like eucalyptus, will look simple and sleek in a clear, glass vase. Switch different accent greens in and out to spruce up your space on a weekly basis.

Add Depth

There are no rules when it comes to how you go about displaying plants in your home. Even if you choose a few plants with height, they can still be kept on a countertop rather than on the floor or a stool. This unexpected placement adds a quality of depth to your space that may have been missing before. Bonus points for styling an oversized plant near a mirror for even more high-style drama.

Bathtub Fun

Take advantage of the ledges of your bathtub, and line them with small potted plants. This playful display is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you see it. Make this ledge even cuter by adding accents like a fun watering can and unique planters. Choose plants with varying heights to create a little vignette that will feel like a miniature jungle of your own.

Use Excess Space

Use the available spaces you have to bring some greenery into your bathroom. If you're already lacking in space, there are still ways for you to make room for some much-needed plant life. Condense some of your essentials into storage baskets to make way for a small plant on one of your shelves. Still want more? A hanging plant can easily be added to a shower curtain rod for an instant bathroom facelift.

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