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12 Stylish Ways to Decorate Around Your TV

Let's face it: TVs can be a real eyesore when it comes to your interiors. Don't fret, though. There are plenty of smart design tricks that can make your TV feel like an intentional part of your home.

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Stylish Ways to Hide Your TV In Plain Sight

Designing a living room that feels cozy and inviting but still looks elevated and stylish is no easy feat — especially when you factor in your TV. You spend all this time and money creating a living room you adore, then you have to figure out where to to keep your beloved (but not so attractive) television. Sure, there are ones on the market now that look more like art than the big black rectangles of old, but they're pricey to say the least. If you're not ready to make that kind of investment, check out these genius ways to hide your TV in plain sight.

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Photo: Haris Kenjar. From: Kenna Stout.

Let Your Fireplace Take Center Stage

Mounting a TV directly above your fireplace or setting it on top of the mantel may be a popular choice, but going that direction can end up detracting from the beauty of the fireplace itself. Consider styling your TV on a console or cabinet set off to the side and use your mantel to display some beloved art and accessories instead.

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Photo: Ellen V Baker Photo, Kristen Elizabeth Designs. From: Kristen Elizabeth Design.

Tuck Your TV Into a Built-In Bookshelf

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf offers up endless opportunities when it comes to decor. You can fill the shelves with books, family photos, art, tchotchkes and everything in between. Centering your TV in a built-in like this makes it feel like a part of the room and not just some electronic you don't know how to style.

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Photo: Reema Desai Boldes. From: Kerra Michele Huerta.

Include Your TV In a Gallery Wall

TVs make surprisingly great additions to gallery walls — even if you aren't able to spring for the pricey options that display artwork when you're not bingeing your favorite show. Pair the artistic display with a simple console table to keep the arrangement from feeling too over-the-top.

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