About White Arrow

The running joke has always been that White Arrow should be "Richter and Richter" because coincidentally we, Keren and Thomas, share the same last name. From the start, we have always collaborated: first on a design-focused pop-up shop in Berlin and then a multi-year renovation of our own Brooklyn home. Through this process, we taught ourselves the ins and outs of construction, computer renderings, and most importantly, realized that designing a great interior is its own work of art. As White Arrow, we are committed to learning, curiosity, and great design that takes time. We live for the small unexpected details as much as the grand gestures. We repurpose antique fabrics and architectural salvage. We pour over textural imperfections of hand-applied plaster, and the way light reflects on a wavy glass windowpane. We devise clever solutions where everything has its place and create bespoke furniture and cabinetry with the greatest attention to detail. Our work celebrates time spent collecting, crafting, collaborating, and people coming together to create inspiring interiors.