The Most Popular Home Styles of 2019 According to Google

Google has spoken: The top 10 most searched home styles of 2019 are in — and they vary in almost every way possible. Which style is your your fave?

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10. Modern Style Homes

There’s something special about modern spaces. Maybe it’s the clean minimalism or the satisfaction of all those right angles. Whatever it is, cool and stark though this home style is, the Internet loves it — so we do too!

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9. Prairie Style Homes

Prairie style houses are the cutest little rectangular homes in the game. With low slung roofs and rows of windows, you’ll feel right at home. Bonus: They also feature tons of geometric shapes and patterns, which make them even more unique and adorable.

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8. Transitional Style

Neutral in its color scheme, yet feminine and stylish in a very subtle way, transitional style homes are the beautiful byproducts of contemporary and traditional design influences. And what’s not to love? Mix and match fabrics, sandy shades of taupe and chic accessories to create a simple, yet sophisticated space.

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7. Craftsman Style Home

According to Google, searches for Craftsman style homes abound in places like Indiana, Virginia, Georgia, Michigan and Idaho. Gabled roofs and straight lines define them, but lucky for these homeowners, the Craftsman style lends itself wonderfully to bright or unusual exterior color schemes.

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6. Japanese Style House

There’s nothing cooler than Japanese style homes, which boast curved overhangs and symmetrical lines. These Zen retreats — oftentimes made modern with Adirondack influences — are peaceful, stylish and clean.

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5. Art Deco Style

Movie star glamour (1930s style) and Ancient Egyptian influences combine to create art deco, defined by smooth walls, chrome or mirrored accents and bold exterior decorations. While it’s rare to find residential art deco style exteriors (save for a smattering in Miami's South Beach, Chicago or New York City), homeowners can incorporate glimmering 1930s-esque accents inside.

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4. Spanish Style House

Ornate and oftentimes filled with colorful tile (our favorite), these homes look more like vacation destinations than actual places to live, but we’re totally here for it. Searches for Spanish style houses in 2019 spiked in warmer places: California, Florida and Texas. Which makes sense — the white stucco exteriors and breezy, arched doorways create a shady, relaxing escape from warmer weather.

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3. Cape Cod House Style

A permanent beach vacation is the ultimate dream, right? So, it’s all in good taste that homeowners are ditching classic siding and shutters for shaker shingles, steep roofs and tiny little dormers.

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2. Colonial House Style

Number two on the list is no big surprise: Colonial. Classic and symmetrical, Colonials are the stereotypical, quintessential home style of suburbia. The fun part about Colonial curb appeal is picking out paint shades. Green on the shutters? Seafoam on the siding? Yes, please.

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1. Farmhouse Style

You probably guessed it, but we’ll tell you anyways: Farmhouse is the number one searched home style on Google for 2019. And rightfully so, because who wouldn’t feel right at home in a cozy, rustic, charming little farmhouse?

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