How to Design Your Home Based On Your Enneagram Type

Each detail of your home reveals a little bit about who you are to the world. But have you ever considered how your home should look based on your personality?

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March 09, 2020

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The Enneagram Test

Creating a space that is true to you can be a daunting task. You may think, “I like this style, but I’d never decorate my home like this.” That’s where your Enneagram can help.

The Enneagram personality test helps us see ourselves at a deeper and more objective level. After taking the test (and be honest in your answers!), you’ll identify with one of nine distinct personality types. It’s common to find a bit of yourself in each type, but one will stand out as being closest to you. Your Enneagram can be used to guide you in your career, in relationships and even decorating your home.

Want to create a home suited to your personality but not sure where to start? We talked to personality pro and former interior designer Evan Barbee to break down each Enneagram type and the home decor best suited for their personalities.

Type One: The Perfectionist

Due to their well-organized and fastidious nature, these types may be drawn to a modern and minimalist style. They have high standards and will appreciate a clean and purposeful space. In the kitchen, a large island can provide storage to keep the countertop clean and tidy, just as The Perfectionist wishes.

Type One

"These individuals may prefer a home that is well-ordered and well-maintained," Barbee says. For the bedroom, organizational decor, like floating shelves and bookcases, allow Type Ones to create a tidy space. A crisp white color scheme can complete the clean and simple look.

From: Clara Jung

Type One

The Perfectionist's motto: more is less. Barbee says this type may be drawn to clean lines and functional use of space. In the master bath, Type Ones should create a retreat with a freestanding tub, textured wall finish and brass hardware. Complete the look with your favorite house plant.

Type Two: The Helper

“Type Twos are often considered the most nurturing and attentive of all the types,” Barbee says. These sincere and warm-hearted individuals strive to make guests feel at home, so they may opt for cozy and inviting farmhouse decor. Items like plush throws and family photos can pull the warm and friendly look together.

Type Two

Type Twos can anticipate the needs of others, so they make perfect hosts. “Generally, the ‘my door is always open’ sentiment is underscored in some way [for this type],” Barbee says. This type may be known to decorate guest rooms with the utmost attention and care.

Type Two

Nothing says “Come! Stay awhile!” like an inviting screened-in porch. Type Twos create spaces with guests in mind, so comfy seating is a top priority. With a room this special, guests will want to stay all afternoon.

From: Clara Jung

Type Three: The Performer

Type Threes are success-oriented and image-conscious. According to the Enneagram Institute, this type is motivated by a desire to distinguish themselves from others, to be admired, and to impress others, so they may identify with trendy and chic designs. In the living room, expect to see the latest art collection and classic architectural details.

Type Three

This type is known to be ahead of fashion trends, and styling their home is no exception. “Type Three is a stand-out for me among the Enneagram for having a very ‘of-the-moment’ approach to design,” Barbee says. Impressive elements like a crystal chandelier and a classic dining table can bring elegance to an otherwise trendy dining room.

Type Three

Barbee says Type Threes often excel in creating memorable gatherings and do so with an elegant hand and sharp eye for detail. They will enjoy large kitchens with high-end appliances to bake yummy treats for their guests.

Type Four: The Idealist

Type Fours are driven by a need to express themselves and their individuality. They strive to surround themselves with beauty, so vintage finds and art galleries are perfect for this type.

From: Bea Pila

Type Four

Barbee says this type may choose design elements for the purpose of eliciting a response from others. Like Twos and Threes, this type will carefully curate their home, but “Type Four will focus on pushing boundaries, challenging, provoking and inspiring their guests,” she says.

Type Four

“Type Fours may see their home as another medium for self-expression,” Barbee says. Moody lighting and saturated colors are common styles for this type. In the dining room, Type Fours can create a unique space with a pool table that doubles as a sitting space.

Type Five: The Observer

Type Fives are insightful, curious and crave knowledge. Industrial designs meet their need for a space that is modern yet traditional.

Type Five

“Most Fives share a need for privacy," Barbee says. Their bedrooms should be a personal retreat from the world, filled with a collection of their favorite items.

Type Five

“This type may create an environment to stimulate the mind and encourage sharing of ideas among guests in their homes,” Barbee says. A living room that doubles as a library creates a space that acknowledges Type Fives' love of learning.

Type Six: The Loyal Skeptic

Light and coastal decor may be best suited for this type. Type Sixes are most loyal to their friends, and designing their homes after places where loved ones gather will create a sanctuary for this type.

Type Six

This type wants to have security and to feel supported, and they strive to make others feel the same. Expect to see guest rooms that make people feel like they're staying at a five-star resort.

Type Six

This type wants to make every room special for the ones they love, but they tend to focus on areas where people gather. For the patio, expect Type Sixes to have plush and plentiful furnishings that call for gatherings.

Type Seven: The Enthusiast

Type Sevens strive to maintain their freedom and happiness. They are extroverted, bold and playful, just like bright bohemian decor.

Type Seven

“Type Sevens are adventurous individuals with an upbeat and light-hearted enthusiasm for life,” Barbee says. They enjoy indulging in the best of what life has to offer, including travel, so their homes may be filled with mementos they have collected along the way, like unique pieces of art.

Type Seven

“Often, their homes serve as living mood boards,” Barbee says. They focus on quality, comfort and entertainment in their homes. This gorgeous dining room is a dream come true for these energetic individuals.

Type Eight: The Challenger

Type Eights are self-confident, decisive, willful and confrontational. They strive to stay in control of their situation, so steampunk decor can match their commanding aesthetic.

Type Eight

Barbee says Type Eights have a somewhat territorial approach to their aesthetic. In their homes, expect to see spacious rooms with the newest appliances.

Type Eight

“The outside world may be chaotic, but Type Eights create a controlled environment [in their homes],” Barbee says. This type is always up for a challenge and may turn to DIY projects to leave “their mark” on the space, like a custom backyard.

Type Nine: The Peacemaker

According to the Enneagram Institute, no other type is more devoted to the quest for internal and external peace for themselves and others. Type Nines want to create harmony in their environment and strive to preserve things as they are. That’s why antique and rustic decor is a perfect match for them.

Type Nine

Barbee says Type Nines have a keen eye for what is comfortable and soothing, and they strive to create warm and healing environments. For the bathroom, placing this footed bath right in the middle of the his-and-hers vanities gives the room an interesting, romantic layout.

Type Nine

In their homes, they utilize soft color palettes that are easy on the eyes, and natural light is often accentuated for a relaxed and restorative environment. This shabby chic dining room will definitely make an impression with dining guests. It's elegant, simple and inviting.

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