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7 Super-Cool Design Styles to Try From HGTV's 'Mash-Up Our Home'

March 23, 2022

Designers Kele Dobrinski and Christina Valencia are working matrimony magic — when it comes to home design, that is. They're blending live-in couples' polar-opposite design ideas with an inventive 'mash-up' approach. Check out their coolest redesigned spaces.

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Let's Mash It Up

Sacramento-based designers Kele Dobrinski and Christina Valencia know the key to living in harmony with a significant other is compromise — interior design preferences included. In their show Mash-Up Our Home — airing Saturdays at 9/8c on HGTV — the Colussus Mfg. founders find tasteful middle ground for homeowner couples with drastically different style sensibilities. For each renovation, Kele and Christina draw up a plan that reflects the preferences of both parties. The result? Win-win, one-of-a-kind "mash-up" designs we'd never think to put together. And the best part is, you can use Kele and Christina's fun hybrid concepts to punch-up the personality in your house, too. Read on for all the details on our favorite mashed-up styles.

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The Mashed-Up Style: Pan Zen

When updating this small 1950s home with a main suite addition, Kele and Christina needed to fulfill a couple's dueling vision for their made-over space. While she dreamed of an eclectic, globally inspired menagerie displaying tchotchkes from their travels, he preferred a simple and serene oasis with natural wood accents. The result is a "Pan Zen" new wing with a resort-like bathroom featuring a custom vanity and shower screens that pay homage to the traveler's spirit while satisfying a need for meditative minimalism.

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Photo: Martin Klimek/Getty Images. From: Christina Valencia and Kele Dobrinski.

The Mashed-Up Style: Bernese Farmhouse

Two soon-to-be empty nesters had competing visions for the renovation of their dated 1990s ranch home. She wanted a bright farmhouse feel, while he envisioned a darker industrial vibe. To solve their design conundrum, Kele and Christina pulled a color-palette wildcard and drew inspiration from the only thing the couple agreed on: their beloved Bernese Mountain dogs. The updated "Bernese Farmhouse'' kitchen takes color cues from the coats of the resident four-legged furry friends with complementary blacks, whites and browns. Sleek onyx hardware, factory-esque lighting and an oversized iron vent hood bring industrial oomph to wood cabinets and alabaster uppers that anchor the modernized space.

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The Mashed-Up Style: California Cottage

Kele and Christina faced quite a challenge while remodeling this 1970s house for a multi-generational family moving to live under one roof for the first time in Northern California. The common areas needed to match the tone of two age groups in very different stages of life: grandparents looking to put the past behind them and live in a contemporary, sunlit home and young parents searching for a moody, cottage ambiance. Kele and Christina transformed the shared dining area into a cohesive "California Cottage" canvas. Vintage art, floral curtains and a handmade basket weave wall surround a light oak dining table, creating a nautral, airy ambiance.

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