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Designer Tips on How to Add Feng Shui to Your Office Space

May 03, 2021

Leslie Close, an interior designer and feng shui expert, gives 5 tips on how to bring feng shui into your home office.

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Photo: Werner Segarra. From: PHX Architecture.

Understanding Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese science where feng means "wind" and shui means "water." Peaceful wind and clean water is associated with good harvest, health, livelihood and wealth. When the energy in your home is balanced, your space will support you and create a more harmonious environment.

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Photo: Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images. From: Christina On The Coast.

Pick Artwork With Purpose

"Place a picture of a solid mountain behind your desk and this will give you support and protection against office politics, and will help with the completion of your work efforts and recognition." This home office, seen on Christina on the Coast, is a good representation of how this principle can be applied to your own home, in a stylish manner.

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Photo: Paige Rumore Photography. From: Vernich Interiors.

Mind Your Doors

In feng shui, it is believed that when two doors face one another, conflict can arise. Leslie Close explains, "it is best when office doors, or any doors, do not open directly across from each other."

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Photo: Tessa Neustadt. From: Blackband Design.

Clear the Clutter

To create balance and good energy, a clean workspace is a must. Leigh Close suggests to have a clean office space, which will help you to be more productive, since clutter takes away from your good energy.

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