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7 Tips for Designing a Rental Property

Designer Sandra Asdourian shares 7 tips on how to create a functional, durable and beautiful rental space that will stand the test of time.

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Design From the Floor Up

Designer Sandra Asdourian explains that when selecting materials in a rental space, start with the flooring. "A good choice would be wood floors or tile flooring for easy cleanups. Although, in your own home, wall-to-wall carpet in the bedrooms is a lovely, luxurious feeling that creates a bedroom sanctuary, it is perhaps not the smartest decision for a rental property, where you will see lots of wear and tear, stains and more than usual carpet wear-down."

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Use Area Rugs

Furthermore, on the subject of flooring, Asdourian explains, "no one wants a totally cold and bare floor! It would not feel very welcoming. This is where I suggest using area rugs in a rental throughout the various rooms, as it helps define the space and create a bit of warmth — even in a small rental. Another tip, always use outdoor area rugs in a rental project, even indoors. They are better made for lots of wear and tear, and if your rental property is near the beach or a body of water, they will perform better against the elements tracking in and out of the house on the regular."

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Photo: Sandra Asdourian , Sandra Asdourian , Sandra Asdourian. From: Sandra Asdourian.

Employ Double-Duty Furniture

"In a rental property, it is essential to have furniture that is double purpose. This can mean chairs and barstools that are indoor/outdoor, so that your renters can move things around easily if needed. Or a cabinet that houses plates and glasses and doubles as storage for extra blankets or towels for your renters," says Asdourian.

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Fill the Space With Large Artwork

Another tip from designer Sandra Asdourian, on designing for a rental property, is to utilize large artwork. "I like to keep the artwork large and relatively general in a rental property. Large artwork fills the walls and makes a statement and can be done relatively cost-efficiently these days."

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